May 11, 2013

Listen: Basement DigGer - "Fresh Hip-Hop (Vinyl Mix) #3"

While searching for new music this week, I came across the Soundcloud page of Basement DigGer and based on the strength of the name alone, I checked out his mix skills. I was pleasantly surprised to see both a vinyl mix (rare these days) and the consistently chill mix of lesser known underground hip hop artists and instrumentals that make up the "Fresh Hip-Hop #3" mix. I always need a good mix of tracks to play in the background when i'm working or riding the NYC MTA, so this was a perfect fit. Check out his other mixes and keep an ear out for more.


May 10, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Jane Alexander - "Surveys (From The Cape of Good Hope)"

Readers will note that I am a big fan of art that makes folks uncomfortable and the recent work of Jane Alexander installed at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (Amsterdam Avenue in NYC) is a perfect match. Though it is similar to her installation work with the Museum for African Art, the work is equally powerful, strange and disorienting in the open space and architecture of the New York church setting.

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May 9, 2013

Video: Spectac + Amiri - "I Grew Up" ft. Najee

9th Wonder affiliates and Carolina reps Spectac and Amiri recently dropped the official video for the single "I Grew Up" off their new album Soul Beautiful on HipNott Records. Always pushing concepts and stories about more grown man topics and honest lyrics about making quality hip hop, Spec and Amiri gather their local fans and friends to support them in the video, along with RnB singer Najee on the song's hook to drive the message home. Check it out and support quality music!


May 8, 2013

Video: Locksmith - "Stand It" ft. Anesha

Queens emcee Locksmith recently dropped a video of his track "Stand It" featuring Anesha and rocking over a smoothed out 9th Wonder track.  Lock's album "The Green Box" dropped this week and hopefully this track is a preview of the type of vibe that he brings on the full length album.



May 7, 2013

Listen: Qwel and Maker - "Beautiful Raw"

Chicago duo Qwel and Maker recently dropped their latest effort "Beautiful Raw" to show that everyone in the Chi is not on the Chief Keef style of childish gun talk and thug personas. Qwel and Maker always bring a mix of boom bap, sample-based and lyrical hip hop that showcase a dedication to the craft.

The album is a concept record that tells the tale of "the humble plant, once sewn deep beneath the concrete of the inner city slums, that against all odds has grown up through the concrete toward the light." With features from The Grouch (Living Legends), Qwel’s fellow Typical Cat Qwazaar, Swamburger (Soliloquists Of Sound), Wes Restless, Scud One, D-Styles and more, the guest appearances help balance the sound of Qwel’s spitfire delivery. Check it out and support real hip hop coming out of the Midwest!

Galapagos4 website

Qwel and Maker - "Longwalkers"

May 6, 2013

Listen: Donwill - "Miserable"

Tonya Morgan's Donwill recently dropped a track dedicated to the "miserable" way of life that many residents of NYC deal with on the daily. It seems fitting to post this track on a Monday, after a long weekend out of town where I got to see lots of green space and trees, only to come back to traffic jams and non-stop police sirens in my neighborhood. Donwill says that this is not a diss track but an "epiphany" about living in the over-priced, soul-crushing mecca of creative arts. Lots of honest verses about the struggle of making a life in NYC a reality over a SeventyMHz beat. Listen, digest and absorb the words here and see why you think everyone here wants to push you under the train when you get in people's way.

May 5, 2013

Throwback: Brand Nubian - "Time Is Running Out"

I remember the first time I saw the movie SLAM back in 1997 and was so floored by the performance by Saul Williams and the entire mood of the movie that I made my brother and nearest friend go back and watch it with me a second and third time. Many quotes and scenes still stick with me all of these years later and the film and its message stand up over time. The character Ray was released from prison until his court date in the movie and while walking towards the proverbial light, this track by Brand Nubian came on as the character reflected about all of the things that put him in his current situation (drugs, poverty, friends, etc.) It stands out as one of the best and articulate verses and tracks by Brand Nubian for me. Each MC takes his time to address things that cause stress in life and the paranoia of finding your place in the world constantly watching you. Enough waxing poetic by me, just check the track and absorb the message.