Oct 27, 2012

1982 (Termanology X Statik Selektah) - "Still Waiting"

Termanology and Statik Selektah teamed up as "1982", a mini-super group of underground hip hop champs, and have been putting out consistent tracks about their life and times. "Still Waiting" speaks many truths about the rap industry and being a fan in general of music that seems to be ignored in the face of techno/house/party rap these days. Check it out above and get more info about the video, album and contact info after the jump:

Oct 26, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Jenny Saville

The image above was the first Jenny Saville painting I ever saw and it changed how I viewed painting and even worked on my own projects from that point. Her work is giant, often 10 feet tall, and the textures and layers of paint are so thick it feels like ripped flesh, often mimicking the subject matter. These first few paintings are of post plastic surgery women and their attempts to mangle their bodies to make themselves beautiful. Though it is less "horror" themed then most of the work this past month, her images shock most people but I find myself re-inspired every time I see them.

More info and images after the jump:

Oct 25, 2012

Listen: Dibia$e - "LLAMAVILLE"

Dibia$e just dropped another batch of off-kilter goodness for your listening pleasure. For fans of Dilla, Flying Lotus, El-P, Madlib, and other more experimental Hip Hop production. Dibia$e always brings a nice crunchy, lo-fi, grimey soundtrack and Llamaville fits the mold well. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like it then support the quality musicians like him!

A quote about Llamaville from the man himself:

This is the instrumental version of the album "llamaville" threw some surprises in there too. and don't even complain about the sound quality it say tape deck music in the description. LLAMA !!!

Oct 24, 2012

Video: Beat Junkies 20 Year Anniversary (Better Footage)

Out of excitement to share the music, I posted my first batch of videos on Monday that were filmed with my cell phone (low quality), but I also went through other footage I filmed with a real camera and found some much better footage of each of the Beat Junkies doing a solo routine to start the show. They are all posted above and not in any order, but these should be easier to watch and appreciate.

Oct 23, 2012

Video: RZA X Black Keys - "The Baddest Man Alive"

RZA finally dropped the soundtrack for his debut feature film "The Man With The Iron Fists" and among the crazy 58 track OST, he brought some new collaborations with the Wu family and some new, old-sounding collaborations with the Black Keys. The Key have a way of making all new material with enough filters and lo-fi arrangements that it sounds like a lost soundtrack anyway, so the match up makes good sample-fodder for RZA and his style. Check out the movie when it hits your town and try to digest the full soundtrack and its many forms to fulyl wrap your head around the project.

More info after the jump:

Oct 22, 2012

Video: Beat Junkies 20th Anniversary

Despite the bad sound quality of the following videos, I got the chance to see the Beat Junkies 20th Anniversary show live and in the front row this past Sunday in Brooklyn. With special appearances by Marley Marl, Da Beatminerz, X-Ecutioners, Craig G, Rolli Rho, Breakbeat Lou and in house visitors like Talib Kweli, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Marco Polo, Lord Finesse and others, it was a fun night to see many of my favorite artists and people rock together in one place, for the first time in 20 years. I got a chance to see Shortkut, Rob Swift, Melo-D, Babu, Rhettmatic and D-Styles do solo sets and team sets and reminded me why I love DJing and scratching so much. Please excuse the crappy sound of my camera and try to enjoy a rare treat of the world famous Beat Junkies ripping shit up for a new generation live on stage.

Check for solo performances by each artist and more videos later today.

Shortkut (Beat Junkies) - warm-up routine


Final Jam Session with Beat Junkies and Guests

D-Styles and Melo-D routine