Aug 16, 2007

Tardy list for me...means more treats for you _______Mike Boo_Dunhill Drone Committee

I haven't checked in for a while, but I was trying to dig up some gems for you guys. This is an album that may be my favorite turntablism album in the last few years. Mike Boo - Dunhill Drone Committee. This is an album that I like to call audio heroin, for its use of mellow, layered, surreal soundscapes. It drifts in and out of clarity and sounds like the soundtrack to your brain after a night of heavy partying, and its just begging to go to sleep, but your thoughts keep you up until 5am. This description is pretty lame actually, but few words can describe the sleepy peacefulness of this album. It tends to be a mix of moody hip hop-esque scratching and slow-rolling soundscapes... and I will end by attempts to convey this gem with words. Check it out!!!

Here is the link: