Jul 22, 2014

Listen: Cage - "The Void (J57 Sample-Free Remix)"

Among the multiple projects that Brown Bag Allstar producer/emcee J57 is juggling on a constant basis, remixes are always part of the equation and he recently dropped a remix for the Cage track "The Void", despite it's 2 year old status. Check it out and see the hustle and dedication that 57 and the BBAS pour into the game. Below is a bit of back story from J57 himself:

I made this sample-free remix for Cage exactly 2 and a half years ago - it's time for it to finally be released!

This remix is really personal to me. One of my best friends/mentor, Bryan "Ports" Coyle (R.I.P), first put me on to Cage back in High School and I've been a big fan since. Jim from Soulspazm called me to give me this great news/opportunity to remix a new Cage track, just five minutes after I received the absolutely devastating news that Ports passed away.

I was told that they needed the remix as soon as possible and I also found out that Port's wake was that same night back home on LI. So, I rounded up the troops (mine and Ports' crew, The BCF) to all meet up in Manhattan and roll together to LI for the wake.

I had literally an hour to do this remix. I couldn't even see straight but I knew I had to do this for Ports. It's an honor to remix a song for Cage / to have Mighty Mi co-sign me doing so. This remix is also me paying tribute to my brother Ports.

Til this day, I get chills listening to this song, flashing back to how I felt while creating this somber soundscape. I honestly feel like it came out as great as it did because Ports was looking down. Thank you for listening.