May 30, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Kristian Hammerstad

Kristian Hammerstad is a trained illustrator and self-taught animator based in Oslo, Norway. He uses a graphic, pop-gore comic style that reminds me of the comic books of the 80s and Garbage Pail Kids levels of carnage. There seems to be some overlap with graffiti artists like Nychos and Neckface, to me anyway, and I like the use of color in his work. Check it out and help shine a light on some international artists.


May 29, 2014

Listen: Confucius MC - "CoNvey The Thought"

At first glance, the oddly named UK-based emcee known as Confucious MC sounds like a throwback to mid 90s rap names, but the production value and educated verses help step away from those hang-ups. I will admit that I don't know much about him, but i can tell that he appreciates more meaning and content in his raps, and there is not a heavy British accent that would distract from rocking across the pond in the US. His voice sounds kinda like early Mos Def, so hopefully he can keep up the quality output in the future. Check out the lead track from his album the "The Highest Order" below.


May 28, 2014

Video: Blueprint - "Once Again" ft. Count Bass D + Midaz The Beast

Ohio hip hop veteran and true school emcee Blueprint recently dropped the visuals for the track "Once Again" from his "Respect the Architect" project. The track also features guest spots from Nashville's own Count Bass D and the underground busy body Midaz the Beast. The track finds the trio waxing poetic about the current state of rap with honest lyrics about maintaining quality music in the current violence heavy radio world of rap. True words from some hip hop vets.


May 27, 2014

Video: Union Blak - "Glory Days" (NightTime Remix)

Union Blak recently dropped the remix track and video for the song "Glory Days (NightTime REMX)" featuring cuts by DJ 279 and which pays homage to the classic boom bap sound of the Golden Era. Union Blak consists of UK producer Sir Williams and US emcee Kimba, and they teamed up for the full length album "Union Blak Friday" for an overseas collabo. Always down to shine a light on cats who carry the torch for true school hip hop, I support quality music being made by vets and new cats from across the globe.