Jun 15, 2013

Video: Von Pea X Aeon - "Pessimistic"

One of my favorite chilled out tracks from the Von Pea and Aeon collabo from earlier this year. Great Saturday soundtrack full of honest verses and a mellow beat to vibe out with. Check out the album "Duly Noted" and support some of hip hops most slept-on talents.


Jun 14, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Matthew Pillsbury - "Time Frame" Series

The first thing that stuck out to me in the image above is the still shots of the thankless museum docents in the corner of this hour-long exposure by photographer Matthew Pillsbury. As part of a larger series using this technique in museums around the globe, this image particularly captures the things I noticed the first time I saw the Mona Lisa in person, the tourists buzzing around. Though you can't see it in this photo, the painting itself is roped off and behind glass, so even folks who trekked from around the world can't see it up close. The fact that the docents sit still in the corner, while the visitors buzz around them makes me wonder if they even care about the art that makes the tourists go nuts.

For the full description, check out the blurb below from Katie Hosmer:

Jun 13, 2013

Video: Epidemic - "One Life"

Epidemic's "One Life" is the second single from their latest album "Somethin For Tha Listeners." Though I have to admit that I hadn't checked their stuff before, this track is a good introduction to the type of true school vibe they are on. I always appreciate more honest and humble MCs who use what they have to make music and don't mimic the radio hits of the day. Check it out and see if you can relate to their lyrics about loyalty, the pursuit of success and the trials of everyday life. I know I can.


Jun 12, 2013

Listen: The Other Guys - "The Week"

Though the design work on this album is lacking, the music and overall vibe of the project is jazzy and chill and worth a listen. As a testament to all of us hip hop peoples who work for a living and do our passion when most people are sleeping, The Other Guys took a week of vacation and teamed up for a soundtrack for each day of the week. Among choice samples and crate digging gems, they came up with some jazzy backdrops to vibe out with and brought Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) and Bmores J.Pope along for the ride. The concept of the record is an instrumental track for every day of the week, literally Monday-Sunday with a few guest spots peppered in. Check it out and help support some talented cats who are trying to do what they love.


Jun 11, 2013

Video: The White Mandingos - "My First White Girl"

Murs is one of the few MCs who can change lanes regularly and not lose fans. He hooked up with Sacha Jenkins (of Ego Trip fame) and Daryl Jenifer (of Bad Brains fame) for a bizarre but fun collaboration of original tunes under the name The White Mandingos. One of the first singles got the video treatment that the bi-cultural population of the hip hop generation has been waiting for with the visuals for "My First White Girl". Rocking the Sexual Chocolate outfit from Coming to America, Murs drops knowledge about a relationship with a white girl (obviously) and the cultural stories and conflicts that come embedded in that scenario. Fun listen for an interesting topic from a group of talented dudes that don't make sense on paper but hold it down on wax. Check it out and pick up the album from The White Mandingos "The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me" for the full dose.

Itunes: http://tinyurl.com/k6cqghv

Jun 10, 2013

Listen: Melodious Monk - "Poetically Raw"

Double Truth alumni Melodious Monk recently dropped the lead single from his upcoming album "Anno Domini" which centers around his mix of dark humor, gritty subject matter and battle ready lyrics. Somehow using the tried and true drums from Impeach The President never gets old to me and he throws in a few switch-ups to let you know its not a loop. Poetically Raw is the term MM uses to describe his technique and skills, so check out the single and stay tuned for the full album coming soon.