Aug 23, 2007

Rise - From the child to the MC

Hailing from Brooklyn, like many great MC's before him, little is known about this cat RISE, other than he used to do songs with the Demigodz crew. Somehow in my quest to gather songs by him, I came across this collection that I can only assume is either an album that was never officially released or a compilation of his works. Either way, it satidfied my desire to listen to the skills this guy has. He is a humorous, battle type rapper, with punchline after punchline, and is capable of telling clever stories as well. He got a little shine a while back on Lyricist Lounge vol.1, and Eddie ill freestyle CD and on several Demigodz EP's. He has released some low-budget CDR type discs over the years, but those might as well have never came out, cause they are that hard to find. I can't find much relevant info about him now, but if this is the only thing he ever put out, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Great songs include BKNY, the wickedest flow, etc. Classified as SUPER-underground, cause I don't even think this dude's family knows whats going on with him. Rawness!

Check it out!!!

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1 - BKNY
2 - Cheater
3 - Do You Know Him
4 - Eddie Ill Freestyle
5 - Every MC f/ Apathy
6 - From The Child To the MC
7 - I know
8 - Memories f/ Wordsworth & Masta Ace
9 - No Faith
10 - Nothings Changed f/ Mr. Complex
11 - Relay Remix f/ Pack FM & Wordsworth
12 - Smackdown f/ C-Rayz Walz & Apathy
13 - The Godz Must Be Crazy
14 - The Wickedest Flow
15 - Well Well Well f/ The Demigodz