Aug 1, 2013

Listen: ScienZe - "The Date" feat. LeXuS

Following in the footsteps of the concept of "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" in theme obly, ScienZe recently dropped the album "ELLA", dedicated to the timeless subject of lost loves and relationships. The album is full of mellow vibes and jazzy lyrics, but the track "The Date" stuck out to me as a favorite. It has a nice jazzy bounce and features whispery vocals over some honest verses about the anxiety we feel over starting over with someone new. Maybe its cause it is a rainy day in NYC, but this track is nice brain food for the week, at least to me. Check it out and listen to the album in full to digest the theme in its entirety.


Jul 31, 2013

Listen: The Audible Doctor - "The Summer Tape"

Much like his guest Oddisee on the album here, The Audible Doctor has been dropping projects in Seasons and the latest "The Summer Tape" is the second of that series. The EP is entirely produced by The Audible Doctor and features Oddisee, Hassaan Mackey, Guilty Simpson, Edo G, Kurious, Chaundon, Francesca, Davenport Grimes, and even a bonus Cassette Exclusive track featuring Homeboy Sandman and Del The Funky Homosapien. Needless to say, given the Doctor's track record, no pun intended, he aligned with some of the underground stars of the day and shows his skills for a nice breezy break from the radio techno fest going on around us. Check it out below and support some vets and newcomers over solid production.

Jul 30, 2013

Video: Shad - "Stylin" feat. Saukrates

I'm not gonna lie, I actually checked this video out only to hear Saukrates, as I haven't seen that name pop up on album credits in a long time and I always liked the flavor he brought to the game from up north (Canada). However, Shad did well to hold my interest also with his mix of humor and honesty about music and life. This track was a nice surprise for many reasons (mostly for that DJ Shadow break as the backbone of the beat). Check it out and support some slept-on cats just havin' fun with it.


Jul 29, 2013

Listen: Duke Westlake - "Re.Turn" album

Every Monday, I seem to patrol the web looking for some new instrumentals to calm by brain before the morning commute and I was pleasantly surprised by the latest offering from Cali's own Duke Westlake. Housed on Mello Music Group for this release, he is in good company with the talented cats on the roster, so I figured I would give it a chance and I liked what I heard. The album is presented as a three part instrumental journey from Duke Westlake and the results could fit any mood you might have over the course of the day. Check it out below and support a slept-on producer at his best.

Jul 28, 2013

Video: Skanks "In My Mind" feat. El Gee

Though I am not fond of his stage name, NY-based emcee Skanks linked up with frequent Digi-Crates producer Kyo Itachi and El Gee for the "In My Mind" music video. Featured on the album
"The Shinigami Flowfessional", Skanks brings a mellow, boom bap track to life with his verses about being a slept-on talent in the Hip Hop Mecca of NYC. Hopefully, this track is a good preview of what will be on the album, so stay tuned for more.