Mar 25, 2010

Local Favorites: Da Ricanstrukta (Swae Da Ricanstrukta)

So, over my many years meeting beat makers, I have never met anyone, personally, that has been more prolific and more criminally slept on then local Wisconsin beat-smith Swae Da Ricanstrukta. He has been the musical backbone of many groups in the midwest, most notably as a member of Break Bread and Lucha Libre. In the 10 years I have known him, I have collected hundreds of beat CD's from him and after dusting off a few of them recently, I have decided to post them in abundance. To me, sonically, he is a mixture of Pete Rock and Just Blaze with a bit of Fizzy Womack. I realize that is a heavy comparison, but he cranks out very anthem-type beats that make me want to slap people at random. This is a bit of a teaser, as I have at least 50 beat CD's of new stuff, but here is a small collection of tracks that show his range and talent. We here in the midwest are always in need of MC's, so anyone that rhymes and is interested in these beats, please feel free to reach out and help promote this cat.

Feedback is appreciated. Also, for all you people out there on your conspiracy tip, Swae did many of the beats in the documentary LOOSE CHANGE: The 9/11 Truth Movement.



Local Cats, Volume 2 (Midwest USA)

This is yet another post in my collection of demo's and burned CD bootlegs passed to me by local artists here in Madison Wisconsin. I have seen many groups change their sound and image and these posts are some of the in-between groups and personalities of a few select Milwaukee/Madison mainstays.

The first in a short EP by a emcee/R & B singer named SOSE "Just Listen". He has a smooth singing voice and sounds at times like New Edition-era crooners. Though I am not a huge fan of R&B music, at least the modern version, SOSE does make some decent effort as far as production and trying to make a more commercial effort. He has since become a "political" rapper and tried to be more aggressive and less sing-songy, but I thought I would post this to show one of the "stages" that many of the cats in my region tend to approach while "finding themselves". Overall, I thought it was a decent attempt for some Usher type sound, but times have changed i guess. Feel free to give me some feedback and your general thoughts about any of this.