Jul 13, 2013

Listen: Dillon Cooper - "Cozmik" album

Brooklyn native, Dillon Cooper, has been slowly making noise in the NY streets and building buzz for his Cozmik mixtape. Showcasing an old-school Pharcyde-ish approach to the game, Dillon uses lots of jazzy, laid back beats to frame his lyrics. Any time a 20 year old can pay homage to the old school, while still making it fun and fresh is appreciated. Maybe being a former Berklee School of Music scholar has something to do with his more educated approach to rap and music overall. Here's hoping for more in the future. Catch him at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this weekend if you're near the city.


Jul 12, 2013

Fine Art Friday: eDAVID the Painting Robot

Among the million reasons not to be an artist, technology continues to make even your "creative" impulses the thing of the past. With the introduction of e-David, an ordinary welding machine that has been equipped with sensors, a camera and a control computer and painting supplies that consist of five different brushes and a 24-color palette, it teaches itself how to improve its work without your "ivory tower" feedback.

After being given a set of initial instructions from a programmer, e-David goes to work on his next masterpiece. Instead of being completely controlled by the programmer, the robot watches itself paint and decides of it’s own accord where to add the next stroke. Prepare to be sad, but amazed.

Jul 11, 2013

Video: Co$$ - "Love Is A Crown of Thorns"

Co$$ recently dropped the visuals for his track "Love Is A Crown of Thorns" from the "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" EP album. The video is a mellow and creative black and white cut that catches Co$$ being honest about the things we all do to attract a mate and the regrets when things don't work out. Not a lot to say here, but wanted to share a quality video for a quality track about the struggle to find a meaningful relationship these days for people from all walks of life.


Jul 10, 2013

Listen: Zion I - "Anymore" (9 Theory Remix)

Though there is no official music video or anything for this track, at least not yet, but there should be. Upon listening to the Zion I "shadowboxing" remixes album, this track remixed by 9Theory stuck out to me, among a few others, because it does really well to reinvent the original track and add some synthy emotion to it, in my opinion. There are several great remixes on the album, but this one deserves more shine for all the stressed out folks in the world. Check it out and support some quality music from the left coast duo and 9Theory their open-mindedness about breathing new life into their music.


Jul 9, 2013

Video: Divine ScienZe - "Happiness Is" X Blu X Sene X Britain Parker

It's funny that the amount of guest features on a track can often obscure the skill level of the main MC, but the latest single from Divine ScienZe with appearances by the elusive Blu, his sometimes rhyme partner Sene and relative newcomer Britain Parker seems to do exactly that. All of the guests drop clever lyrics for the "Happiness Is" track and the video finds them sharing their stories from different locations on the map. I like the vibe of the track and the mostly fun-loving but chilled out concept for the video.


Jul 8, 2013

Video: Ugly Heroes - "Desperate"

Yet another gem of an album that Apollo Brown blessed with smooth beats and joined by Verbal Kent and Red Pill who blessed the beats with honest rhymes and stories. Always glad to see cats from the midwest shining and especially when they aren't aping the sounds of techno-dance radio these days. This album is filled with too many bangers and heatrocks that can help you reflect on your hard luck and life in general. Check it out and support quality music!