Mar 22, 2014

Anti-Lilly X Phoniks - "Stories From The Brass Section"

Recently released for the world, the duo of Anti-Illy and producer Phoniks just blessed the universe with a consistently dope collabo album entitled "Stories From The Brass Section". Full of mellow beats, jazzy breaks and a Golden Era nod, the album showcases Houston emcee Anti-Illy flexing his lyrical skills, sounding often like Andre 3000 in tone, and partnered with the solid production work of Portland's beatmaker Phoniks. Plenty of repeat quality to this album, so check it out and support quality music and musicians.


Mar 21, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Joseph Velasquez - "Rap Series" Woodblock Prints

Joseph Velasquez is a Chicano artist and the co-founder of Drive By Press (which has been featured on The Double Truth previously) and a Professor of Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Recently, as a slight departure from his heavily layered and mythological works, he has been making a "Rap Series" of woodblocks paying homage to some of the more influential emcee's of the last 20 years including Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Bun B, Pimp C and Biggie, among others. You can maybe track down t-shirts or prints of these cats, but if you want a truly unique product (like a "no one else has this shirt" moment like most NYC folks) then cop one of his works carved by the artist and sometimes inked up right in front of you.

To see Drive By Press work by Joseph Velasquez, and information about a Drive By visit to your school, Please visit or email Joseph directly >


Mar 20, 2014

Video: Union Blak - "Glory Days"

Union Blak consists of UK producer Sir Williams and US emcee Kimba. Linking up from across the pond and laying the foundation for a Golden Era sound that pays homage to duo's like Reflection Eternal and the Rawkus era sound. The track "Glory days" is the lead single off their album entitled "Union Blak Friday" which is available now. Check it out and support some lesser known cats making noise with a more universal appeal via the Eff Scienz crew.


Mar 19, 2014

Video: Dibiase - Live Performance at Boiler Room (LA)

This video is certainly not new, but since I was more in the mood to zone out today (cause its raining in NYC) and I like to watch the beatsmith Dibia$e show his skills, I decided to share this video of him rocking the Boiler Room in LA (aka someone's living room). I have long wondered how to make an all instrumental performance interesting for a crowd, and D puts on a clinic for these dudes. Check it out!

Mar 18, 2014

The Bar (Prometheus Brown X Bambu) - "Coming (To America)"

Acclaimed west coast rappers Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars) and Bambu have teamed up once again, this time under a new group name--The Bar--to follow up their 2011 collaboration album "Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into a Bar" with a new album to be released on March 11, 2014 titled "Barkada." The recent video uses one my favorite tracks of all time, the Soul Glo theme from Coming to America, to wax poetic about life in the US and the children of immigrants and their cultures.


Mar 17, 2014

Video: Awon X Phoniks - "Blood In Blood Out"

The duo of Awon and Phoniks recently dropped the visuals for the track "Blood in Blood Out", described as "a story about the perils of drug dealing and drug abuse that has a chilling personal touch to it." Referencing real life folks that Awon knew, the track features some smooth, jazzy production by Portland producer Phoniks and shines a light on the talent that both cats bring to the table. Check it out and support some laid back cats keeping the true school alive.