Jul 21, 2012

Movie: Girl Walk - All Day : Girl Talk Re-Imagined

GIRL TALK, the notorious mash-up, remix DJ/producer and critical darling, worked with a Kickstarter campaign to  create a long form music video/movie to support the most recent ALL DAY project and album. Though I find it hard to sit through the entire experience, the concept of creating a visual narrative to support the music is an interesting idea. You can go the the GIRLWALKALLDAY website  and click your way through the series of videos to illustrate the album. Maybe it is because I prefer to imagine my own visuals when I hear his work that I am not fond of the finished product, but maybe it will spark some ideas of your own to create fan videos/movies of your favorite entire album.

Jul 20, 2012

Fine Art Friday: July 20, 2012


Though I am not vastly familiar with her work, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira does some amazing things with optical illusions to take advantage of the interior spaces and make the viewer feel as if they are floating over a weightless room. Check out more from here series ABYSAAL on her website here.
(via Juxtapoz)

MAURICIO LASANSKY (October 12, 1914 – April 2, 2012)

I have long been fascinated at the misery and mortality in Mauricio Lasasnky's work. He past away fairly recently but was an artist who was able to draw incredible detail from scratchy marks and textures  within his prints and paintings. The first work I ever saw of his was a series of drawings called the Nazi Drawings, dedicated to his family and the overall history of the Holocaust during WWII. I was amazed at the creativity and originality behind his work and the power of his statements. He made me realize that you can make work that is sad, depressing, and confrontational and beautiful to look at. This goes for music and art and any type of creativity, at least to me.

You can read more about him and his impact on the art world at the website dedicated to his work LASANKYART.


The trend of using this effect never seems to get old to me. It makes me think of how, as a kid, I envisioned the world when playing with GI JOEs and Legos. I'm not sure if I could sit through a feature-length movie of it, but I like it in small doses so far. Thanks to Joerg Daiber and SpoonFilm for the video. Check out more of this work at Youtube and more ( @spoonfilm, Facebook)

Jul 19, 2012

New Music: Free Download: J HURT - The Clarity

No stranger to posts here on The Double Truth, J Hurt just released a new, free mixtape titled The Clarity. It features introspective verses and a throwback style that I am honored to be a part of. I have four features with J on the project, with many more to come. Check out the album, download and spread the word. Support quality music from a young, inspirational hip hop head and refreshingly honest MC! Follow J Hurt on Twitter and Tumblr 

Jul 18, 2012

Video: "FrankenWeenie" by Tim Burton

Kind of a left field post for me, but I am long time fan of the gothic work of Tim Burton. I am looking forward to this film for many reasons: the humor, the stop motion animation, the lack of musical numbers, and the black and white homage to the old school horror movies of the past. I hope the film is as intriguing as the trailer, but I will check it out regardless.

Jul 17, 2012

Dibia$e - Podcast: Music To Zone Out to

For the initiated, Dibia$e is an experimental, hip hop producer in the vein of Flying Lotus and the J Dilla beat tapes. Though some of it is stronger than other parts, on the whole Dibia$e always brings a fresh perspective and new sets of ideas to how to construct more mellow, trippy, jazzed out tunes for the beat heads out there.  Check out more of his stuff floating around on Youtube and itunes, but if you are a fan of the Left Coast experimental beatsmiths, then you will like this.

Insightful interview from the Red Bull crew showing Dibia$e at work:

Jul 16, 2012

Flying Lotus X Thom Yorke

Flying Lotus is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you enjoy more experimental, electronic jazz, grimey hip-hop he is a good fit for your earholes. Lotus has been doing his thing for a while and received much fanfare and critical acclaim from his past release Cosmogramma. That album featured a guest appearance from Radiohead's Thom Yorke's on "...And The World Laughs With You,"  and apparently Yorke will guest once again on the new Flying Lotus album Until The Quiet Comes, set to drop this fall. Should make for an interesting collabo and maybe we will get a full-length project from these two, one day.

Check out the video from Cosmogramma below and keep your ears open for more news on the new album soon!

Flying Lotus - And The World Laughs With You


Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

Jul 15, 2012

Video: Ka - Up Against Goliath

Ka continues to churn out mellow heat-rocks with each new video and song that he posts. It is nice to see such an underground stand-out, still doing his thing with some DIY motivations. Ka has been bubbling for a while, with features on GZA projects and other notable MC's tracks, but likes to push his own music without much fanfare or guests, a nice departure from the compilation style albums released these days heavy on guests and light on substance.

Check out more of Ka's history and music on his BrownsvilleKa site and support organic, real hip-hop.

"Since I don't depend on my music to eat, it's given me the freedom to have fun and not expect anything from it" ---KA