Aug 28, 2007

NY OIL - Hood Treason

I know this guy is posted on several websites right now, but I was so moved by this album, that I feel compelled to share it with whomever stops by this site. NYoil is a slighty aggresive rhymer with skills that sound like a combo of Common, Saigon and Immortal Technique. He declares the state of hip-hop in dire need of Direction, much like all the real heads out there, and his album is testimony to that cause. He has many stand-out tracks like "Unreal, Yall should all be lynched, And it dont stop, etc." This guy is capable of deep thoughts and rugged wordplay and seems man enough to back it up. The production is top-notch, with no big names or big name sound-alikes, which make this a very solid, cohesive album.

This album is floating aroud in cyber-space and I wish more people could hear it. He has video's on Youtube and songs available for download on most mp3 sites.

The album itself, as far as the artwork goes, can be decieving, It almost looks like some Goth-rap shit, but that is mostly just bad graphic design work. If you can get past that, there is a great underground artist's album in there and very worthy of checking out.

Here is the link: