Jun 1, 2013

Listen: IV the Polymath - Side A + Side B

Side a // side b is a 2-song instrumental cassette that features C.R.E.A.M. on the A-Side  and "007" on the B-Side. Both reinterpreted tracks are performed by IV the Polymath without the use of any samples.

Since I am a huge supporter of instrumental producers from around the globe and in need of a chill soundtrack on this blazing hot NYC day, this 2 track sampler works perfectly for my cringe-worthy train ride without AC to mellow me out. This cat is new to me, but if he continues down this path, I see good things for him and the crew in the future.

Also included in the digital download is a super secret bonus track that blends the C.R.E.A.M. and 007 tracks together as one unique work. Check it out and support some hip hop underdogs.


May 31, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Maximilian Toth

Connecticut-based artist Maximilian Toth continues to produce chalkboard-style paintings that seem to use movement and personal stories to illustrate the bulk of his work. In an ode to carefree teenage antics , his work shows scenes of people stumbling into each other, laughing, partying, and listening to music, among other things. It helps showcase the often dumb things we all did as kids and the freedom that came with that through the lens of memory and flashback that keeps us entertained all these years later and serves as the subject of our shared stories.

May 30, 2013

Video: Edo. G - "Hold U"

Rap legend Edo. G continues to put out music at a clip that puts most rappers to shame and he has never sacrificed his integrity to make his albums. He just dropped the visuals to the track "Hold U' from his album "Intelligence and Ignorance" and illustrates his everyday life in Roxbury, Boston. The one thing I always liked about Edo G is that he is super honest in his music. From talking about growing up and struggling, to rapping about his current status as a working man, he doesn't shy away from the truth. His flow might not blow your mind, but his honesty and choice in beats is pretty solid and relaxing to hear as a hip hop fan. Check it out and see why not all vets go the route of LL Cool J and try to ape whats on rap radio.


May 29, 2013

Listen: Tall Black Guy - "8 Miles To Moenart" Album

Underground beatsmith and humorously named producer extraordinaire Tall Black Guy, just dropped his debut album entitled "8 Miles to Moenart ".  Inspired by his native Detroit, the album mixes up genres the city is known for with elements of hip hop, downtempo house, jazzy soul and some techno for a sound that encapsulates the musical heritage of city Detroit, as seen through the eye's of TBG's singature sound. Check out the promotional video above and support quality music.


May 28, 2013

Listen: DLoaW + Co. - "Secret Garden 2" Album

I have to admit that I never heard the "Volume One" version of Secret Garden from the DLoaW crew, but in my neverending search to find chill instrumentals to listen to (when not making them myself) , I recently came across the compilation called "Secret Garden 2". The album is a nice mix of tracks ranging from Abstract Hip-Hop to Downtempo, to Jazzy and laid back, and at 21 artists is a variety that you can surely find something you like. Though I am not familiar with the artists, some of these tracks are getting the "repeat" treatment on my ipod already. Check it out and help shine a light on some more experimental groups under the hip hop umbrella.



May 27, 2013

Video: Ka - "Our Father"

Underground hip hop and blog favorite KA just dropped the music video for the lead single from his upcoming album "The Night's Gambit". The results are similar to his black and white visuals for previous cuts with flashes of creative camera work to match the darker topics of the track itself, all directed and edited by the man himself. I am always supportive of this cat for his self-reliant skills of producing his own tracks, shooting his videos, and generally being a one man army of marketing himself. All rappers should follow this model, as we live in a day and age where you can consistently put out quality products without any major label input to water it down if you're strong enough. Watch out for "The Night's Gambit" coming soon!

May 26, 2013

Video: Has-Lo - "Hindsight"

Mello Music alumni Has-Lo recently dropped the visuals to the track "Hindsight" which was produced by Apollo Brown and featured on the "Conversation B" album. Has-lo's tracks are typically darker and moody and the video reinforces that subject matter each more so. Always willing to discuss topics that most rappers shy away from, Has-lo uses the mic for therapy and this video illustrates that smartly. Check it out and support one of hip hop's underdogs.

To paraphrase a loyal Youtube fan of Has-lo:

"You Mello Music guys are my bright light at the end of a god forsaken long tunnel of hip-hop wackness. Thank you so much!"

I couldn't have said it better myself.