May 7, 2013

Listen: Qwel and Maker - "Beautiful Raw"

Chicago duo Qwel and Maker recently dropped their latest effort "Beautiful Raw" to show that everyone in the Chi is not on the Chief Keef style of childish gun talk and thug personas. Qwel and Maker always bring a mix of boom bap, sample-based and lyrical hip hop that showcase a dedication to the craft.

The album is a concept record that tells the tale of "the humble plant, once sewn deep beneath the concrete of the inner city slums, that against all odds has grown up through the concrete toward the light." With features from The Grouch (Living Legends), Qwel’s fellow Typical Cat Qwazaar, Swamburger (Soliloquists Of Sound), Wes Restless, Scud One, D-Styles and more, the guest appearances help balance the sound of Qwel’s spitfire delivery. Check it out and support real hip hop coming out of the Midwest!

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Qwel and Maker - "Longwalkers"

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