Sep 20, 2013

Fine Art Friday: THOMAS DEVAUX

One common theme in most of the work I post here for Fine Art Friday is darker subject matter. I al always drawn to the rich blacks and confrontational style of many artists who choose to explore what I consider more "human" qualities of mortality. On that note, I recently discovered the work of photographer Thomas Devaux and was blown away by the imagery he creates. Mostly because it is photographs and not an oil painting of charcoal drawing, he uses the endless capabilities of digital manipulation, Devaux's series entitled "Attrition" is a reinterpretation of art history and a slight nod to its destruction and trying to get past the fact that it is used to compare everything after.

Sep 19, 2013

Video: The Lytics - "They Said"

The most recent video from Canadian crew The Lytics is a creative, grmiey, hazy ode to the ice cold surroundings of their home country. The emcee's all seem to have a good approach to the mic and remind me of Slum Village or Hieroglyphics in terms of the crew dynamic. I don't know much about these guys, but the vibe of the track and video makes for a good introduction to their new album "They Told Me" which is out now! Check out some brothers from up north and support quality music from around the globe.


Sep 16, 2013

Video: Tanya Morgan - "Pick It Up"

As a lead in to the new album "Rubber Souls", Tonya Morgan just dropped the visuals for the single "Pick it up". Marking the first time that both emcee's worked in the studio at the same time and using the musical direction of producer 6th Sense and a live band, TM tries something new this time out and the results are an eclectic mix of mellow sounds and more playful beats and rhymes. Personally, my favorite tracks are the Spec Boogie feature "The Vehicle" and the track "All Em" but there are other clever rhymes and godo vibes throughout so check it out and support some under-rated underground MCs.