Jul 5, 2014

Slept-On Saturday: Dice Raw - "Run"

Philly rep and Roots crew affiliate Dice Raw recently dropped the visuals for the track "Run", from his latest album, "Jimmy's Back", which is out now via Rawlife/Soulspazm. The more slept-on of the Roots crew, I'm always glad to see Dice grinding his own projects with new music and videos from around his Philly home field. "Run" finds Dice talking about the hardship of trying to escape the street hustler lifestyle that eats up so many youth, including his early days, from around the globe.


Jul 4, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Doze Green - 'Rammellzee Deathmask' Print

Legendary graf artist Doze Green paid tribute to his fallen friend and fellow hip hop legend, style-master Rammallzee, who died recently on June 2, with a limited edition print entitled 'Deathmask'. Doze is a long time favorite of mine, and I am glad to see him pay homage to his roots and the unfamiliar and often over-looked origins of the hip hop world. I wish I could have grabbed a print, but the image alone is a great reminder of the dynamic spirit of Rammellzee and a fitting image for the masses to learn more about. RIP. Check the Doze interview below for more insight.


Jul 3, 2014

Video: Blueprint - "Perspective"

One of Ohio's few true school emcee's, Weightless recording artist and midwest legend Blueprint recently dropped the visuals for the track "Perspective" from his latest album "Respect the Architect". I nice little soul-laced gem from the album that finds Print on a rooftop dropping honest lyrics like he always does. Check it out and support quality mc's from lesser known music hubs in the US - plus he directed the Instagram-ish video to flex his skills on both sides of the camera.

here: http://bit.ly/1fDfNsy

Jul 1, 2014

Video: Dag Savage - "The Beginning"

Taking a chance to film a video with their tour mates, Dag Savage (Exile and Johaz) recently dropped the video for the track "The Beginning" with Blu, Denmark Vessey and Quelle Chris. Filming the entire flick before sound checking their Berlin Germany Showcase, the Dirty Science family bounces around the city and highlights some of the street art in the area.