Nov 29, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Stefan Zsaitsits

I recently came across the work of Slovakian-born artist Stefan Zsaitsits and his mixture of cartoony, but moody drawings. He layers lots of simple but effective pencil drawings of fantastic, detailed, notebook-esque characters with some elements of fever-dream scenarios floating around each persons head. They look like sketches from a crazed childrens book, but I like the balance of serious moods and basic character drawings that communicate a deeper emotion than most line drawings.


Nov 28, 2013

Video:Tanya Morgan X Spec Boogie X 6th Sense - "The Vehicle"

Not much to say here, just glad to see that my favorite track, "The Vehicle", from the most recent Tanya Morgan album "Rubber Souls" got the video treatment and showcases the chill vibe and collaboration with like-minded emcees and producers that makes them stay in steady rotation in my ipod.


Nov 27, 2013

Holiday Post: Kanye West - "Family Business"

Before he was prone to crazed rants and declaring himself a modern messiah and genius, Kanye was only mildly cocky and made honest endearing songs that followed in the footsteps of fellow Chitown natives Common and NO ID with tracks like "Family Business" from his major label debut. With the rare hip hop track that discusses family get togethers and seeing old friends, Kanye showed flashes of what made people like him in the first place but is now so far removed from his musical output that it is hard to believe it is the same dude. Listen to this track and reminisce about the days of old, in 2004!?

Nov 26, 2013

Booda French - "Club 27 Reservations" EP

UK hip hop squad Booda French recently dropped the "Club 27 Reservations" EP featuring guest spots from the Brown Bag Allstars (J57, Koncept), Travii (Bodega Brovas), Chrome (Def Tex) and many more emcees and producers. Showing a dedication to the true school craft and linking with some of the undergrounds unsung heroes, Booda French shows a good range of moods and tracks for the project and shines a light on a crew slowly building their name across the pond. Check it out and support the worldwide hip hop legacy.


Nov 25, 2013

Video: Timeless Truth - "Wavelength"

Always glad to see young cats paying homage to and working with legends in the game, so when I saw the video for the Timeless Truth track"Wavelength" featuring famed producer Large Professor both on the beat and in the video, I knew that this was probably going to be on my level. Featured as a single from the forthcoming album, COLD WAVE, the video and track finds the crew talking about how they avoid following modern trends and making the music they love.