Feb 28, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Henry Hargreaves - "No Seconds" Photo Series

Photographer Henry Hargreaves’s body of work “No Seconds” documents the final meals requested by death row inmates, some famous serial killers among them, and pairs the images with text describing the requested meal, the name of the criminal, and the crime he/she committed. Using the style of a visual survey, the images tap into the psyche of the criminal minds and give a bit of insight into their brains . Leaving the viewer stewing about the how and why some of the inmates considered the food, very specific or none at all, makes one ponder about the act of killing and the preference for a favorite meal, as an extension of a very compartmental mind.


Feb 27, 2014

Video: Raw Poetic X Kev Brown - "Super"

Underground producer favorite Kev Brown recently linked with the emcee Raw Poetic for the collabo album "Concentrated Maneuvers" with Redefinition Records / Low Budget. Building with authentic and honest rhymes and Kev Brown masterful "grimy soul" production, the duo is pushing a brand of positive hip hop and true school music that underground heads claim to have been missing from the game forever. Always a fan of album length collabos in the spirit of Gangstarr (one mc, one producer), Here's hoping that the LP shares the same quality as the single and video above!


Feb 26, 2014

Listen: Brown Bag All-Stars - "BRWN"

NY powerhouse crew Brown Bag All-Stars recently announced the creation of Brown Bag Records/ Soulspazm as a joint venture to launch new releases and re-release material from the Brown Bag vaults. The first project will be a re-release of the Brown Label EP's; Parts 1 + 2, packaged together, plus a new bonus track featuring the incredible Akie Bermiss! To help kick off the promo campaign, they are letting loose the song "BRWN" (from Brown Label Pt. 1 + 2) produced by fellow hip hop torch-bearer and friend EP, of The Doppelgangaz!


Feb 25, 2014

Listen: staHHr - "On My Gonzales" ft. John Robinson + Ekundayo

"On My Gonzales" is the latest video and track from Atlanta-based female emcee staHHr and her "Mother Nature with a Molotov: Molotov Season" album. Joined by underground favorites John Robinson (Scienz of Life) and Ekundayo (L.I.U.N.S. Den), the trio illustrate a track from Floyd the Locsmif  with true school lyrics and subject matter. The title of the song comes from a line in staHHr's verse, where she coins the phrase "on my Gonzales" in reference to one "being focused, handling biz, doing their job, etc".


Listen: Mattic - "An Introduction To Doctor Outer" Album

Mattic is back with a new album "The Adventures Of Doctor Outer" sixteen new tracks at the crossroads of 90s Hip Hop and psychological rap. Mattic puts his frank and authentic texts on Mighty DR’s skillfully crafted beats. His rhymes illustrate his flow of thoughts and his emotions conduct the flow.

"The Adventures Of Doctor Outer" project was born of an encounter after a concert, a discussion that lasted hours germinated the lyrics of the album. Mattic plays with the mind, wanders in the maze of his thoughts, while keeping firmly grounded. It is in order to illustrate the labyrinth of the mind that he reworked the sound texture of the tracks adding Fx, vocal samples, and cuts with Stab from Berry Weight and recorded Cello with Marina Quaisse. Out now on Phonosaurus Recs.

Feb 24, 2014

Video: Ransom X Statik Selektah - "Jade"

Underground torch bearers Statik Selektah and Ransom recently dropped the video for the Summertime anthem-ish track "Jade" from the collabo album "The Proposal", which also pays homage to the girl groups of the 90s. Directed by the acclaimed Rik Cordero, the video shows the Shade 45 Showoff Radio crew having fun how they do!