May 23, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Jaime Molina

Jaime Molina is a mixed media artist who incorporates subject matter portraying epic battles on perforated computer paper, cardboard transformers and wooden ninjas. He used these skills and characters to acquire a BFA in printmaking and continues to draw battles, houses, people, and animals on paper and walls across the globe. Using unorthodox methods to build texture and story, I was particularly drawn to the symbolism in his work and the expert craft of the sculptures and printed material combined. Check it out and support some lesser known creative juggernauts in this world.


May 22, 2014

Video: Jazz Spastiks ft. Apani B Fly – "Move"

NY hip hop staple and quality female emcee, Apani B Fly, recently linked with British production team Jazz Spastiks for a great track and video called "Move". The visuals illustrate a wild adventure in a hand drawn, cut out paper world, that perfectly fits the mellow groove of the track and jazzy lyrics of Apani! Check out the Jazz Spastiks album "The Product" for equally dope production and features from some of hip hops unsung heroes.


May 21, 2014

Case Arnold X Robot Orchestra - "Still"

Clarksville, TN emcee and true schooler Case Arnold recently teamed up with German producer Robot Orchestra and the results are a chill, confessional track for the Summer months ahead. People tend to ignore Case for his style, a "bummy white dude" approach to the game, but one listen to his choice of beats and honest lyrics usually convinces any doubters. He seems like a good dude and I can rock with everything he's dropped thus far, so hopefully he keeps it up as continues to grind. Check it out and support an emcee rocking from an unlikely corner of the country.


May 20, 2014

Video: Amiri - "Heart Broken"

HiPNOTT Records emcee and Justus League affiliate, Amiri, recently released the video for the track "Heart Broken" from his "This Is Part Time" album. The video is an honest nod to relationships and the ups and downs of finding "the one". Amiri always drops some grown man subject matter, so check the lyrics close and be mindful of the old adage "love or lust" when seeking your significant other. Mellow Monday soundtrack.


May 18, 2014

Throwback: Fatlip X Spike Jonze - "What's Up, Falip?" Mini-Doc

Back in the early 2000s, former Pharcyde emcee Fatlip, dropped a solo project called "What's Up Fatlip" and teamed with now-famed film director Spike Jonze to direct a lo-fi, self-depreciating video of Fatlip at his perceived "bottom of the barrel" status at the time. In addition to the recording of the video, Spike created a mini-documentary that shows behind-the-scenes footage and how the concept for the music and video came to be. The contrast of the lo-fi video and the smarter minds behind the camera keep the subject matter interesting by shining a light on the struggles of a hip hopper who came to realize that the glitter and glam of the rap industry is not what it was cracked up to be. Pretty insightful for all the cats who are trying to emulate the current trends of the hip hop world.