Jun 6, 2014

Fine Art Friday: NYCHOS - "Volvo Art Session"

Art and commerce combine in interesting ways sometime, and such is the case with the collaboration of graf artist NYCHOS and Volvo's Art Session series. Seen in this video, NYCHOS works over a new Volvo with his signature 3D effects and internal organ textures. Done as a nod to his exploded view work that often appears on walls, this effort was done as an installation at a car show to draw a crowd. Always skillful and impressive, NYCHOS continues growing in style and fame. Check it out.


Jun 5, 2014

Listen: Your Old Droog - "YOUR OLD DROOG" EP

Teaming with NYC producer and secret weapon DJ Skizz, the emcee with one of the oddest names I have heard in a while, and a beat up album cover to match, Your Old Droog, recently dropped his self-titled EP of lo-fi, grimey beats and honest lyrics. With a voice that sounds like a mix of Jay Elec or Nas and a more relaxed and playful flow at times like Breeze Brewin, Droog drops quality verses over Skizz's throwback vibes and the results are a solid, chill summer soundtrack. Check it out and support a hip hop underdog on the come up.


Jun 4, 2014

Listen: Moka Only - "Always Happy"

Swollen Member fam and Battle Axe affiliate Moka Only recently dropped the full length album "Sex Money Moka" and among the stand out tracks, to me, is "Always Happy", a lo-fi ode to the feel good anthems of Summer. Always building his catalog with quality material and more grown man vibes than you will ever hear on the radio. Check it out and support a Canadian legend.


Jun 3, 2014

Listen: Ju-Ar - " Day Out" Album

Stretching across several genres of the hip hop landscape, German beatsmith Ju-Ar's third album "DAY OUT" combines his deep roots in Hip-Hop production with a smooth swing of Dilla-esque soul and subtle funky synth lines. Just in time to provide the soundtrack for a chill summer day, so check it out and support some quality mood music.