Sep 27, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Jamie Wardley X Andy Moss

On September 21st, Peace Day, British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss collaborated on a mass stencil project that utilized teams of volunteers with rakes and stencils to etch 9,000 silhouettes into the beaches of Normandy to represent the Civilians, Germans and Allied forces who died on June 6th, 1944, better known as D-Day. The simple concept helps folks realize the body count of all of not just this historic battle, but all of the conflicts in the world on any given day. If someone could do this in Iraq or Afghanistan or Chicago or any other city and country currently experiencing genocide, violence and civil unrest, maybe people would think twice about the sacrifice of human life for the so-called "greater good". In the day and age of drones and guided missiles, why do we still need soldiers at all?

More detailed images after the jump.

Sep 25, 2013

Listen: DJ Franchise - "Futurized Funk (Easy Moe Bee) Mix

Always down to support the great producers and beats from the Golden Era of hip hop, the first time I heard this mix by DJ Franchise was in the background of a Combat Jack episode and was moved at the compilation of all these great tracks. Easy Moe Bee had a knack for making some solid hits but always seemed to create the album tracks that people grew to love but never got videos too. Some of these tracks you might know but not who produced them and like Jay-Z said "the strong move in silence" and Easy Moe built a solid list of productions for heavy hitters all thorough the 90s and beyond while not acting like Kanye to get peoples attention. Listen up and pay homage to one of the greats who is still doing it. Props to DJ Franchise for recognizing the illness of Easy Moe's catalog.


Sep 24, 2013

Video: A.L. (All Lyrics) - "Lighter Fluid"

Though he has been mostly quiet since his Lyricist lounge/ Rawkus days, AL recently dropped a sort of comeback track and video called "Lighter Fluid". He has updated his sound from more boom-bap stuff in the past, and even though it is mostly a tough-talk brag rap, he can still bring more lyrics than most Top 40 rappers these days. Check it out and see what one of hip hop's slept on vets of the 90s has been up to.

Sep 22, 2013

Video: Throwback: Torae - "Off The Record"

This track is certainly not to be called "old" but since it is from 2011, I have to call it a throwback. Either way, this track is a great song for a chilly Fall day. Torae flexes his lyrical skills over a triumphant DJ Premier track for a perfect pairing of tough talk and anthem-like verses to make me proud to pound the pavement in NYC everyday, and Brooklyn to be exact. This is a track I use to motivate me on the long ass train ride to the city every morning and maybe it can do the same for you, even on a Sunday. Classic beat and classic verse from on of BK's proud sons.