Nov 22, 2013

Fine Art Friday: IAN KUALI'I

On the eve of the upcoming Aqueduct Murals project here in Queens (NY), I had a chance to meet several of the artists working on the project. Many of the artists I was familiar with, but one whose work I was not, but had the chance to talk to for a while during his set up was Ian Kuali'i. Only knowing his recent work for the ‘Home Sweet Home’ benefit with Hour Children (above), which helps incarcerated/formerly incarcerated mothers and their children successfully rejoin their families and communities, I had a chance to see him doing a "freestyle" background for his paper cut-out designs and talk shop for a moment. Check out the colorful and honest artwork of the now-New Jersey based artist and help shine a light on a multi-talented and heavily hip hop influenced artist who benefits from having legendary b-boy and artist Doze Green as a mentor.


Nov 21, 2013

Video: The Audible Doctor - "Wings Part 2" feat. Francesca

Though we are heading into the throws of the winter season, Brooklyn resident The Audible Doctor recently dropped the video for the track "Wings Part 2" from this past summers "The Summer Tape" EP. The video finds the Doc lounging on rooftops and talking about life and the eternal grind of  staying true to your self and your music. Always a fan of more honest hip hop, which is becoming more rare with each passing season.


Nov 20, 2013

Video: The Remnant X TheFuture Vintage - "Summer Dog Days" Live

Futuristic Vintage TV recently featured Atlanta hip hop duo The Remnant for a live version of the track "Summer Dog Days" showcasing their collaborative, throwback style of hip hop. Following in the tradition of groups like the Native Tongues movement, The Remnant exhibit an anti-trap style of hip hop based in the root elements of the culture and based in the often party-centric and crunked out hometown of Atlanta. Expressing the art of rhyme patterns and word play over braggadocio, The Remnant shows that not every rap crew in the south follows the same trends.


Nov 19, 2013

Video: KA - "You Know Its About"

The always impressive one-man-army out of Brownsville (BK), KA continues to drop his impressive, creative, grimy poems over his own production, while also directing his own videos with an artists eye. I like that he does almost everything for himself and that there is an honesty to his singular approach to the rap game. He doesn't try to give off any indication of fake glamour to life and peppers his verses with nuggets of wisdom that stand up to repeated listens. Check it out and support one of the most slept-on emcee's doing it right now.

Nov 18, 2013

Listen: Soul Chef X Need Not Worry X Carla Waye - "You Too"

New Zealand producer SoulChef recently dropped the lead single "You Too" from his new album "Food For Thought" and features Need Not Worry and Carla Waye on the track as well. Taking for a more mellow ride through his mind, SoulChef created tracks that address everyday life and the struggles we all face as musicians and people in general. Lots of solid tracks on the album featuring his network of lesser known but quality artists to help take you on the journey. Check it out and support some hip hop from "down under".


Nov 17, 2013

Listen: J57 - "Requiem For Ports"

Brown Bag Allstar J57 just dropped an instrumental project as a memorial to Bryan "Ports" Coyle, a lifelong friend and the person he cites as being responsible for "putting me on to my favorite hip hop artists/influences, taught me how to rhyme, and also taught me that you "only get one first impression", who passed away a year ago today. To honor Ports, and instead of focusing on the negative of the loss, J57 and Ports family members decided to celebrate his life each birthday - as he would definitely have wanted and this project is part of that celebration. Listen and enjoy "Requiem For Ports" and help the BBAS crew pay homage to a fallen comrade.