Sep 22, 2012

Video: Hip Hop Confessions - Skillz

Though this is not a new interview, the many videos on the Hip Hop Confessions website are fun to watch as underground legend and ghostwriter extraordinaire Skillz interviews some of hip hops icons about often humorous stories of rap's past. This particular video above has Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf talking about being a stan of the Beastie Boys and Q-Tip sharing funny stories about critiquing Biz Markie songs back in the day. Check it out all the interviews at the links above and get some dirt on the early days of rap history.

Sep 21, 2012

Fine Art Friday: David Ellis

David Ellis and his art may seem unrelated to hip hop at first glance, but his mix of murals, graffiti and art installations help communicate a musical interpretation of the world round us. He was born into a family immersed in music and as a kid was especially drawn to the distant sounds of NY hip hop music being broadcast from a local Fort Bragg radio mix-show called The Super Mix. Eventually, inspired by this music and the developing hip hop culture, Ellis began writing rhymes and banging out beats with his friends on the desks at school and laid a foundation for hip hop themes and inspiration for the rest of his life.

More info and images after the jump.

Sep 20, 2012

Listen: Murs X Fashawn - This Generation

West Coast representatives Murs and Fashawn are about to drop their collaborative album entitled "This Generation" for all of the hip hop die hards and the world to appreciate. Both artists are known for their humor, West Coast pride, story telling and quality lyrics and teamed up with Beatnik and K-Salaam for a full length album that showcases their skills together, due out on Sept 25. Fashawn is the baby of the team, meaning he has only one true album out to his name, but getting the nod from the vet Murs for a collaboration is proof that he is a standout MC and worthy of a Living Legends co-sign. Real lyrics and quality beats. What else do you need!

Check out the album preview below and do yourself a favor by picking it up (pre-order) at UGHH and other retailers. Support quality music! Duck Down Music does it again!

Check the music video for "Slash Gordan" single after the jump:

Sep 19, 2012

Video: Sean Price - "I See" (Mic Tyson promo)

In anticipation of his upcoming new album MIC TYSON, Sean Price just dropped a snippet video for the track "I See" as a sneak peak at the time of vibe he is one. Sean P always brings a consistent mix of humor and tough talk delivered with a grimey, multi-syllable style that is always entertaining. He also just popped up in the video and single for Double A.B. and Dub Sonata's track "Some Bullshit" (posted below) to trade verses and trash talk with Scram Jones and the Man Bites dog crew.  Check out both features and look out for MIC TYSON to drop on Oct. 30th on Duck Down Records.

VIDEO CREDITS // Directed by Sean Price AKA Sean Mandela // @seanmandela

Check out the video and more info on Double A.B. and Dub Sonata after the jump.

Sep 18, 2012

Read: Jay-Z and Rap as Capitalism

Recently, Leigh Owens  of the Huffington Post published an article about the shifting morals and ideals of the Hip Hop elite. Owens mentions Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj as 2 artists that represent the excess that is possible with rap as entertainment, but points out that the communities that raised them are quickly neglected and mocked once success has been reached. Owens brings up several good points about how groups that once spoke about struggle and uplifting communities has now shifted to party anthems and greed. I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this, as it applies heavily to the "Occupy Wall Street" generation and the celebration of wealth and elitism. Read it Here via HuffPost

Russell Simmons even chimed in with thoughts on Jigga Man. Read more after the jump:

Sep 17, 2012

Interview: J.Rocc - Crate Diggers Unite!

J.Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies, my favorite DJ crew, sat down with Crate Diggers TV to discuss his worldly travels, diverse musical taste, hoarding vinyl in exchange for candy money, and the pros and cons of splurging on rare vinyl. Check out some of the gems he shares with the camera and the personal history  and comical adventures he shared with other DJ's and producers.

Follow him @jrocc and check out his album "Some Cold Rock Stuf" and his "Tasters Choice" series.

Sep 16, 2012

Free Music: Whoarei - Thoughts Blunted

Apparently operating out of Sacremento, despite some doubts about the real face behind the (Doom) mask from the crew at Potholes In My Blog, WhoAreI just dropped a free download of beats and remixes entitled "Thoughts Blunted" that provides lots of chill soundscapes and experimental beats to zone out with.  Regardless of the real identity behind the music, it is worth checking out...and it's free. Shouts to @PotholesInBlog for sharing the link!

Video for "The Knight (Thunder Skies)"