Oct 16, 2014

Listen: J57 - "The Analog Tape 2" LP

The always consistent double Truth alum J57 (of Brown Bag Allstars) recently dropped just released a new beat tape, for sale only on his site www.J57MUSIC.com, and showcasing his depth as a producer. Featuring "some dusty but funky beat tape shit" to vibe out with during this often cloudy Fall weather. Check it out and support one of the hardest working peeps I've ever had the pleasure to meet.


Oct 15, 2014

Listen: Rapsody - "Beauty and the Beast" EP

Whatever you think about Rapsody, you're wrong, cause she's better than that! For every let-down of a female emcee like Nicki Minaj and the like, there appears to be only Rapsody to counter that these days. She linked with the true school producer and educator 9th Wonder for many outstanding tracks on previous projects and continues the streak of quality with "Beauty and the Beat". Teamed with Jamla teammates like Eric G, Khrysis, and some limited guest vocals, Rapsody holds it down for another solid album of honest songs and confident content. Check it out and vibe out to one of the rare things in hip hop, a quality emcee with unlikely North Carolina roots and a female to boot.


Oct 14, 2014

Listen: Diamond District - "March on Washington" Album

When Diamond District dropped "In the Ruff" on Mello Music Group in 2009, the gritty drums and grimy raps combined as elementally as hydrogen and oxygen. The D.C. Voltron of Oddisee, yU, and X.O. dusted off and revitalized a sound once consigned to the catacombs.

Hailed as an instant classic, its impact reverberated throughout the underground and mainstream. The Washington D.C. City Paper called it the city’s best album in many years. During an era when lyricism was deemed too intellectual and samples too dated, Diamond District overturned conventional logic. They preserved the raw and made it righteous.

A half-decade later, the holy trinity has returned with March on Washington. The truths remain timeless. Wisdom over rhythm. Slang turned into testament.


Oct 13, 2014

Video: Mark Steele - "Letter To Carolina"

Mark Steele releases the visual to his "Letter To Carolina" piece. Produced by Japan native Scratch Nice, the track is the first single off his debut independent album "Sumthin For The Wait". Always glad to see some younger cats help build on the classic sound of Golden Era hip hop and still paying homage to their roots. Here's hoping for more of this in the future from Mark Steele and his team.