May 9, 2014

Fine Art Friday: David Molesky - "Riot Paintings" Series

Maybe it's because I listen to so much Dead Prez and Pharoahe Monch, but after seeing the latest series of paintings from the "Calm and Unrest" body of work from NYC artist David Molesky, I felt the urge to share in the destruction. Though I am not fond of his other works, the riot paintings hint at something powerful and show people at wits end, taking matters into their own hands with protestors tossing molotov cocktails at unseen targets and running within the chaos. Sadly, with constant uprisings around the world, these images could be inspired from anywhere on the globe, but something about the universal "We're not gonna take it" attitude speaks to this generation and our frustrations.


May 8, 2014

Listen: Justo The MC X Elbe Kim – "Fly Seoul" Mixtape

Brooklyn's own Justo the MC recently dropped a collabo mixtape with producer Elbe Kim and the results pay homage to the Golden Era inspiration discussed throughout and combine it with a fresh, updated approach to making classic, more mellow hip hop music for the masses. The mixtape features track after track seamlessly blending into each other and celebrating the evolving craft of both artists. Mixing samples of old and modern classics, Justo drops lots of quality verses over the soulful production and the entire project shines as something the residents of BK, and everywhere else could be proud of. Check it out and support some NYC underdogs!

May 7, 2014

Listen: The Boomjacks - "Moments in Space and Time" Album

Always down to support some fellow producers, I came across the work of the Finland-based beatmaking duo The Boomjacks latest project entitled ""Moments in Space and Time" and enjoyed the more jazzy approach to production. The pair are brothers, known as Jyri and Villejam, and previously worked with American rapper Apollo's Sun, "The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1" project. Describing the project as "Moods and Grooves", they were aiming to make music that serves as a soundtrack for life, anywhere on the map. Check it out and support some international cats paying homage to the craft.


May 6, 2014

Listen: People Under The Stairs - "12 Step Program" Album

The P return with their highly anticipated 9th studio album, 12 Step Program, a self produced, psychedelic, sample laden journey solidifying PUTS as a group completely comfortable in their own unique lane. Though the sound may be reminiscent of early 90s hip hop albums, the duo eschews the golden era pitfall of rapping about rap with decidedly now topics covering everything from LA gang violence and Instagram to Rob Ford while complementing each other with back and forth wordplay. As classic as any release in the P cannon, the 12SP is a high enjoyable ride over beats that feel both classic and fresh at the same time. (via PUTS)