Apr 6, 2013

Listen: Adullessence - "Dirty Laundry" album

Teaming with Mello Music Group alumni and fellow Kansas emcee Stik Figa for a few tracks, Adullessence recently dropped a collection of feel good, mellow hip hop for the underground faithful entitled "Life In Surround Sound: Dirty Laundry". Showing his laid back approach to beats and features, he only has 2 guest features from quality underground MCs like Stik Figa and Braille and manages to hold down the bulk of the album on his own lyrically. Check it out and support quality music from all corners of the country.


Apr 5, 2013

Fine Art Friday: The Type Collective

Kind of a different post, but since I enjoy good design (check my Pinterest) , I learned to appreciate typography and its many facets and now am a fan of this new(to me) blog. This is a link to a Tumblr account that features creative fonts and images centered around type. Some of them remind me of elaborate Brazilian graffiti and other elements of letter-based art. Check it out and learn from some of the greats. http://thetypecollective.com/

Apr 4, 2013

Video: 7 G.E.M.S. - "Without You"

The crew at Ill Adrenaline continues to drop quality, boom bappish tracks that harken the Golden Era sound of East Coast hip hop in the 90s. The latest effort is a group collaboration from Tragic Allies and Tragedy Khadafi known as 7 G.E.M.S. and the new single "Without You" from the upcoming album "Golden Era Music Sciences". Using the grimy throwback sounds, both veteran MCs bring their A game over a cut produced by Purpose. Check it out below and support quality music, wherever it comes from.


Apr 3, 2013

Listen: Funky DL X Nas - "Jazzmatic" Remix Collection

An ill jazzy dedication to some Nas classics from Funky DL. Check the quote below for more info:

"Just imagine if this happened and picture the setting…

It’s the late 1930’s and the local jazz club is packed to the brim with people awaiting the rapper Nas and his jazz musicians (orchestrated by Producer Funky DL) along with featured artists to come and play a 10-track set to forever be remembered. The lights are dim and the hall is filled with smoke, whilst the clinking sound of champagne flutes ambiently gesture in the atmosphere. Nas and Funky DL are having their picture taken outside the club in an array of spotlights glaring from their vehicles (see artwork). Then it happens… The two step inside and “JAZZMATIC” erupts … All you have to do now is… “press play”...

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a phenomenal project and ask you to share this with as many hip-hip and good music fans as you can find." -- Funky DL


Apr 2, 2013

Listen: Alex Chadwick - "Hear This (Everywhere)"

As a featured track on the upcoming April 16 release of LuvJonez album "Tastee Treats", the single "Hear This (Everywhere)" by Alex Chadwick (of 3rd Brillyance) is another good preview of the vibe for the entire album. With guest features from artists around the globe, some of the tracks on "Tastee Treats" also serve as a hint at the collaborations coming up in the future.

The "Hear This" track is also featured on Alex Chadwick's solo disc "SOUL dope" dropping later this year. Stay tuned for more and help support quality hip hop music and artists.

Alex Chadwick http://twitter.com/ChadwickLife @ChadwickLife

Apr 1, 2013

Video: Case Arnold - "Life (The Way It Goes)"

Case Arnold, a native of Clarksville (TN), recently dropped a video with fellow Tennessee artist Petty in support of his mixtape "The Myndstate". Showing the guys goofing off on a trip to Florida, the track also showcases a side of Southern hip hop not seen very often, by which the emcee's don't embrace the trap sound or the chromed-out cars and cliche surroundings. Having fun on a beach and being honest about their struggles was enough for me to show my support. Check out the mixtape below and support some down south underdogs.


For more info on Petty, check out his mixtape "Short But Sweet" below:

Mar 31, 2013

Throwback: Gift of Gab - "The Ride Of Your Life"

Back when Gift of Gab's solo disc "4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Us" first dropped, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of his musical choices without Chief Xcel, his primary beat partner in Blackalicious for years. However, as soon as I hit play and heard "The Ride of your Life", I knew it would be ok. It was the first time, at least that I remember, that I had heard a beat by Jake One and was so impressed at the production, I started checking for everything before and after. This track still holds up after all this time and sounds good on a cloudy Sunday.