May 18, 2013

Video: The Doppelgangaz - "Barbituates"

Underground stars The Doppelgangaz recently dropped the visuals to the track "Barbituates", the fourth single from the album "HARK". The results are a mellow video to match the chill vibe of the track and show the Dopp crew chilling in their native upstate NY surroundings and vibing out. Honest lyrics and simple video but powerful track to help anybody vibe out for the coming Summer months. Check it out and support quality music in your area!


May 17, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Aslan Malik - "The Injustice League" Series

For some reason, I always like the results of people defacing all forms of money with crude notes, horns and other goofy attributes that speak to the disdain for paper currency across the globe. I have recently been amused with artist Aslan Malik's series of defaced money and his take on the "Justice League" and the "Injustice League" using the photos of questionable leaders and reinventing them as superheroes or villains. Check some of the examples below and check the links to his work for the full series.


May 16, 2013

Listen: Pragmatic Theory - "The Soul Sessions"

Always willing to check out a series of chopped soul samples and any album dedicated to carrying the torch for my favorite era of hip hop, I recently came across the album "The Soul Sessions" from the folks at Pragmatic Theory in conjunction with

Some names I recognize and others I don't but at 34 tracks deep there is plenty to choose from. Features include Al Patron, Ben Bada Boom, Blap Deli, Brock Berrigan, Chief, Constrobuz, Deebio, DJ Sapien, Es-K, Funky Notes, Glyphick, Handbook, J-Felix, Jewbei, Josef Blo, JP Balboa, JuSoul, Keor Meteor, KLIM Beats, MadColour, ManOfTheDown, ManOnWire, Miles Bonny, Nextwon, Pawcut, .Phase, Poldoore, Prozak Morris, Repeat Pattern, Robot Orchestra, Santo, Sixfingerz & Ta-ku. Check it out and support some of hip hops lesser known producers.


Individual artist links below

May 15, 2013

Listen: Cult Classic Records - "Friends and Family 2"

Cult Classic Records recently dropped a double compilation album for free download of many of their artists and collaborations. The vocals are always appreciated, but since I am a an of instrumentals, I was glad to see them supply the beats for the tracks as well. The album is entitled "Friends and Family 2" and consists of artists associated with the label (Friends) and artists signed to the label (Family). A nice mix of vibes and moods to help give a broad view of everything that Cult Classic has to offer. Check it out and support quality music!


May 14, 2013

Video: Reef The Lost Cauze - "Moonshine"

Reef The Lost Cauze continues to be one of the most slept-on Philly ambassadors and MCs in the game. His voice always commands attention over beats with a mix of honest life struggles and support for his fellow hip hop nation. He recently dropped the single "Moonshine" as a preview for the upcoming album "Sirens on Snyder Ep" (SOS) with a bluesy beat from Haj of Dumhi. Maybe i'm just a sucker for any time a producer slices up a delta blues track with hip hop drums, but I am digging this track a lot. Check the video out above, directed by Sick Six, and support Reef's new album when it drops.

May 13, 2013

Video: Wrekonize - "Anxiety Attacks"

Appropriate for a Monday morning, Wrekonize recently dropped the video from his upcoming album "The War Within" for the single "Anxiety Attacks" and the results are a chilled out, introspective look at the stress of everyday life. Typically, the Strange Music family (Tech N9ne, etc.) bring excited, multi-syllable, genre-bending music to the table, but this more laid back track strikes a chord for slowing down and thinking about your day. Check it out and stay tuned for more from Wrek and the Strange Music crew in the future.

May 12, 2013

Listen: GQ - "Death Threats and Love Notes: The Prelude"

Jamla Records artist and former University of North Carolina baller-turned-emcee GQ recently dropped his 9th Wonder-endorsed album "Death Threats and Love Notes: The Prelude" as a free download on The DJBooth. This project serves as a preview of his official sophomore Jamla album later this year. The features lean heavy on the Jamla roster but showcase the classy, soul-infused beats known from 9th Wonder's camp. Guests include Carlitta Durand, Rapsody and Rocki Evans and production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis, The Soul Council and many more (plus 5 bonus instrumentals). The album shows GQ's mix of Oakland-rasied Cali pride and down south (North Carolina) story teller over laid back tracks and makes a solid showcase for future projects. Check it out and stay tuned for more quality music from the Jamla crew.