Oct 3, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Anouk Griffioen

Rotterdam, Netherlands-based artist Anouk Griffioen has been combining an interest in fashion with a highly detailed and large-scale charcoal illustration series for her most recent work. Concentrating on the textures and patterns of clothing and figurative elements of models' faces and bodies, a recent collaboration with fashion photographer Anne Marieke van Drimmelen has helped create a new stylistic approach that may hint and much more grand concepts in the future. I am a nerd for skilled charcoal renderings of anything and Anouk kills it with her new work. Looking forward to more in the years ahead.


Oct 2, 2014

Video: J-Live - "Not Listening"

From J-Live's full length album "Around The Sun, a new video educating the masses about music making and trying to encourage the world to make more meaningful, honest, and original music. It's pretty funny and accurate to listen to how cliché so much of the subject matter we all hear constantly really is. Check it out and support one of the most consistently smart emcee's out there.


Oct 1, 2014

Video: Kev Brown X Hassaan Mackey "Dope / Hassaan Be Rappin"

Following the critically acclaimed "Pillars" EP with MindsOne, Kev Brown teams up again with Ill Adrenaline Records, this time collaborating with fellow Low Budget Crew member Hassaan Mackey to bless listeners with "That Grit".

Both the Washington D.C. based producer-on-the-mic and the Rochester, NY emcee are longtime members of the prolific artist collective and have previously worked together various times, but this mini-album marks the first time the two embark on a full project. Most boom-bap enthusiasts should already be well acquainted with both Kev Brown and Hassaan Mackey: double threat Kev Brown already showcased his skills on microphones as well as production boards on countless releases and has been dubbed "king of basslines" by fans worldwide. In addition to his solo recordings Kev's credits include beats for heavyweights like Busta Rhymes, Biz Markie, De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff, and Marley Marl just to name a few, as well as handling entire album production for LMNO, Kaimbr, and Raw Poetic. Hassaan Mackey released a string of albums, including a full-length LP with Apollo Brown, and appearances on releases by Oddissee, Kaimbr, The Left and L'Orange.

Recorded during a series of impromptu bus and train trips Hassaan took from Rochester to visit Kev in Washington, "That Grit" was created with a spontaneous approach, reflecting both Mackey's freestyle background and Brown's proven "random joints" formula. Entirely produced by Kev Brown and featuring his signature bassline-driven and raw but soulful sound, "That Grit" consists of an intro, eight full-length tracks and six instrumentals. Hassaan and Kev share mic duties on most of the songs, inviting close friends/frequent collaborators Kaimbr, Toine, yU, Kenn Starr, Eye-Q, Asheru (of Unspoken Heard) as well as the Younger Soul Brother Grap Luva along as feature guests, turning the record into a true family affair.


Sep 29, 2014

Listen: Anti-Lilly X Envy Hunter - " REdefinition"

Houston emcees Anti-Lilly and Envy Hunter come together to release REdefinition. The motivation of the album title came from both artists wanting to break down the walls of perception when it comes to Houston Hip-Hop. Most known for the Slim Thug/Suave House sound in most recent years, Anti-Lilly and Envy are hoping to shine a light on more of the legacy of groups like the K-Otix, Strange Fruit Project and more progressive hip hop artists that have come from the area. The album is a well rounded, introspective collection of thought provoking material which serves as a manual to everyday life.