Dec 6, 2013

Fine Art Friday: David Lynch

Though he certainly doesn't need any more press about him in terms of movies, very few people have ever seen (or know about) movie director David Lynch and his body of artwork with printmaking and painting. Recently hosting a show of his work in Los Angeles, Lynch displays a body of work that is equally unsettling as his movies, but with dark humor injected in them. I am a fan of the scribbled text, aged textures and general gritty quality of most of his work and enjoy seeing an artist explore different mediums with equal quality. It looks like the mad scribbles of a mental patient which makes them the more charming for me. Check some of it out below and enjoy the nightmares.

Dec 3, 2013

Listen: DJ Hazey X Blazo - "Colors of Jazz 2: The Mash Ups"

Though the interest of mash-up collections seems to have waned over the years, every once in a while an artist breathes some fresh breath into classic tracks and lost verses lost in the ocean of great music. For a recent nod to the mix of jazz and hip hop underground classics, Dj Hazey and Blazo linked up for a free mixtape of such examples. Check it out and hear some of hip hops unsung heroes get a mdoern retooling by the consistent DJ Hazey and Blazo.


Dec 2, 2013

Video: Moka Only - "Some Ol' New Sh#t"

Glad to see Canadian hip hop veteran Moka Only dropping some chilled out new music with the video for "Some Ol' New Shit" off the recent Mutant Mixtape. Not much to say, but respect to Moka for not trying to mimic the popular trends and stay true to his laid back discography. Apparently, this is one of several projects coming in the next few months.