Sep 6, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Aron Demetz

Among constant headlines of impending war and civil unrest, I am always intrigued by artists willing to explore these themes without resorting to stereotypes of bloodshed or protest. Italian sculptor Aron Demetz and his recent series of images and sculptures rendering completely from burning or burnt charcoal are great examples of this concept, at least to me. Imitating the remains of a battlefield and the lumpy vegetation that occurs when human flesh is scorched is much more powerful than just showing exploded bodies. He also comes up with more subtle compositions that look less like people dying and more like people caught off guard a doomed fate. It makes me think of Giacometti and the bodies at Pompeii and the potential for more destruction by the human race in Syria and other places. Happy Friday! More images below:

Sep 5, 2013

Video: J57 X Nitty Scott, MC - ''Like a Prayer''

In support of "The Ports EP" from J57 (Brown Bag Allstars), the official video for the "Like a Prayer" track featuring one of the few quality female wordsmiths out there, Nitty Scott, MC just dropped for the masses. A grimey, seance video fits the spooked out vibe of the track and lets Nitty Scott flex her lyrical skills about belief systems and staying true to one self while Deejay Element slices up the chorus with sound bites from the hip hop gods. Check it out and support some quality music willing to take chances.


Sep 4, 2013

Video: 14KT - "Five and Ten"

Underground juggernaut hip hop label Mello Music Group is teaming up with long time affiliate 14KT for his new album "Nickel and Dimed". 14KT will show case not just production but his rhyme skills and collabos with other emcees. With the recent video for "Five and Ten", he lets loose about frustrations as an artist and how nice guys get pushed around with this anthem about not taking any mess from anyone. Check it out and support quality talent on both sides of the mic.


Sep 3, 2013

Listen: Damu the Fudgemunk - "Spur Momento Trailer"

Proverbial torch carrier for the boom bap sound of Pete Rock and Golden Era production, Damu the Fudgemunk continues to drop little heat rocks on his frequent projects for REDEF records, and the "Spur Momento Trailer" does more of the same. Always dropping classic samples in the background of his work, he breathes new life into classic drums and sounds from the history of rap. Damu is one of the many talents from the DMV/DC area that stay loyal to the roots of hip hop and chopping samples on an MPC or SP1200 and I always appreciate hearing new stuff from him and the REDEF crew. Check it out and chill out to some classy material that constantly inspires me to get back in the lab myself.

Sep 2, 2013

Video: The Other Guys X yU X Substantial - "Memories Fade"

Washington, DC production duo The Other Guys recently teamed up with one of my favorite DMV emcee's and Mello Music Group affiliate yU (of Diamond District) and Substantial, for the first single from their upcoming EP " The Opposite of Sex", due out September 10. Always bringing a solid mix of new school boom bap flavor and lyricism to the table, all of the emcee's take a moment to reminiscence about past relations over a card game and flex their wordplay skills with the humble video treatment.