Mar 30, 2013

Video: Durag Dynasty - "360 Waves"

Throwback aficionado's Durag Dynasty recently dropped the video for "360 Waves", a single from the Durag Dynasty album make up of producer Alchemist, and emcee's Planet Asia, Tristate, and Killer Ben. Featuring cameos from Action Bronson, Evidence, Domo Genesis, and more, Durag Dynasty mixes up the psych-era funk of California with some grimy, 90's sounds that pay homage to the hard fought props that these veterans earned back in the day. Strong lyrical showing from all involved shows why these guys can succeed without radio props. Check it out below.


Mar 29, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Kwangho Shin

South Korean artist Kwangho Shin works in a dark and visceral style that reminds me of Jim Dine drawings from the Glyptotek, Frank Auerbach drawings, and Francis Bacon paintings. The bulk of the work is rendered with oil and acrylic paints and some scratched surfaces worked into the blurry, movement-based images. Shin studied Fine Art at Keimyung University and continues to produce figurative work with a mix of distorted, abstract forms and some more textural but recognizable Asian models. Check more of the work out here.

Mar 28, 2013

Video: Yamin Semali - "Yamin"

Atlanta emcee and DJ for the Clan Destined crew, Yamin Semali recently dropped the video and single for his self titled album and single entitled "YAMIN". It has a spacey, laid back vibe that Yamin spends talking about his role grinding in the south, in the face of all things trap, and making a name for himself by being yourself and avoiding the pitfalls. Written and produced by Semali himself, so check out hte links before and support a down south underdog.


Mar 27, 2013

Video: Spec Boogie - "Dutch Guts"

Brooklyn's own Spec Boogie recently dropped some artsy visuals for his single "Dutch Guts" from the forthcoming album "Books and Chicks and Brooklyn Shit" that show him rocking some NY fashions in stark black and white over a jazzy, mellow track that showcases his deep voice and overall creativity with the wordplay. Check out more of his work below and keep an eye out for the upcoming album.


Contest: "March Madness Sweet 16s Song Writing Contest"

For a new and possibly recurring feature on The Double Truth, the good folks at "Sweet 16's" App maker have teamed with our site to feature a song-writing contest with prizes for first, second and third place for a song writing competition entitled the "March Madness SWEET 16s's All Purp Everything App Pak" - a snapback hat, an exclusive Samsung S3 Galaxy case, a portable speaker, and a pair of purple headsets - $70 prize package (See images after the jump)


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The Double Truth announces the winners after the April 8th NCAA National Championship Game and prizes will be sent to the winners afterward. Simple enough!

Sweet 16 is a mobile Hip Hop Songwriting app from independent developers for the Android mobile and Google TV platforms. It is a simple interface that lets you record ideas and songs in hooks, verses and other elements and submit them in song form in various sound file formats.


Mar 26, 2013

Listen: Haiti Ock - "Grind Hard" ft. Broc Connor (Produced by LuvJonez)

As a preview of one of the tracks featured on the upcoming April 16 release of "Tastee Treats" from LuvJonez, check out this promo trailer for the featured track by Philadelphia's Haiti Ock featuring Broc Connor and produced by LuvJonez. It is a bit more upbeat and aggressive than most features, but Haiti Ock's verse fit the vibe of the track well and I like the results. Check it out for yourself.

Video: Von Pea X Aeon - "Things Have Changed"

Tonya Morgan member Von Pea was so inspired after a recent tour that he took a beat Cd from his in-house producer Aeon and spilled an EP's worth of material that he was proud enough of to release officially, entitled "Duly Noted". They just teamed up in the music video for the first single "Things Have Changed", a mellow heat rock about life in the rap underground. Check out the streaming audio for the album below and support quality music.


Mar 25, 2013

Video: Moe Pope & Rain - "Spit vs. Ramo" ft. Reks and Dua Boakye

Boston reppers Moe Pope and Rain continue to drop more introspective and chill hip hop music that shows a nice range of themes that doesn't involve trap or house music. They recently dropped the video for "Spit vs. Ramo" featuring fellow Boston stand-out Reks and Dua Boakye (of Bad Rabbits). The underlying beat sounds like a replayed sample of a track from Express Rising, which made me instantly like it, but also shows (if even not intended) that they are not your average crew. Check it out and support their recent album from the Boston underdogs.


Mar 24, 2013

Listen: Harrison - "Prom King" Album

You don't see too many teenagers rocking jazz these days and it was a nice surprise to recently come across the work of young Canada beatsmith Harrison and his album "Prom King". The joke of the album it that his school doesn’t actually have a prom and to fill the void, he has created a musical nod to the teenage right of passage with a throwback vibe to the big band and Blue Note eras. The album is has brief 14 instrumental excursions that show his talent for chopping samples and a more experimental ear. Check it out and support a slept on talent from our northern neighbor.