Jan 17, 2014

Fine Art Friday: "Everybody Street" Film

A documentary about the history of street photography and some of the legends of the genre, Everybody Street gives some insight into the varied approaches that photographers use to ask permission or not, when capturing their work in the streets of the world with criminals, strangers and everything in-between. Lots of creative energy in the trailer and quote-ables about taking chances with your work. Get your learn on!


Jan 16, 2014

Listen: ILL Clinton - "Hidden"

To cap off the end of  2013, World Around Records dropped the fourth installment of their We Are World Around compilations featuring their flagship artist roster and some Double Truth alumni Man Mantis. Lots of diverse sounds here and specifically, to me, the standout is the instrumental work of ILL Clinton (link below) but take a listen to the entire album and help shine a light on some hip hop from the lesser known regions of the US like Colorado and the North West. Artwork provided by Memetic Supply Co.



Jan 15, 2014

Listen: Jigmastas - "The Resurge"

After a 5 year hiatus from releasing music the Jigmastas are back and ready for a RESURGENCE! The recording has been ongoing over the last decade and an EP entitled "Resurgence" is soon to be released followed by a full length in the fall. The Beyond Real heroes are back! Glad to hear the Jigmastas back on the mic and looking forward to the full length!

Jan 14, 2014

Listen: J57 - ""Been A Long Time" feat. ATR (Prod. Exile)

Double Truth alumni and Brown Bag Allstar J57 just dropped his lead single from the upcoming EP "Wax Aesthetic" featuring collaborations with some of his BBAS crewmates and artists like Exile, Johaz, Mike Maven, ATR and many more. Another reason I posted this is not just because it is a quality track, but I also got to provide the album artwork for the project, as a dusty ode to crate digging. Check it out and support one of hip hops hardest working MC/producers right now!


Jan 13, 2014

Video: BBZ Darney X Hex One (String Theory) - "Currents"

"Currents" is the first single from the collabo album by Hex One (Epidemic) and Swedish beatsmith BBZ Darney entitled "String Theory". The track features cuts by DJ Tha Boss that highlight the jazzy feel and more thinking-man verses from Hex. Lots of truth nuggets and life lessons throughout the album and presented with a more mellow vibe to help you digest the heavy theories behind the concepts. Check it out and shine a light on a group trying something different.