Dec 8, 2012

Listen: Ruby Ibarra - "You Tell Me"

Ruby Ibarra is on the eve of releasing her mixtape titled "Lost In Translation" and I was able to provide 2 tracks on the the project. I put together these promotional videos for both tracks, as they are not official videos, but preview the diversity and subject matter that Ruby can flex on any track. Check them out and support her mixtape, hosted by DJ Kay Slay due out next week.

Dec 7, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Colin Chillag

Colin Chillag makes work that seems unfinished but seems dedicated to taking the mystery of the process out of the task of painting. He leaves sketched lines, paint globs, color patterns and other steps of the rendering process embedded in the work to help comunicate some of the "behind the scenes" elements of art. Personally, I like that you can see the start to finish bits and pieces and how it feels like you interrupted the work somehow and can imagine it still being worked on. Maybe it is just me, but check it out and see how to make the "making of" as much of the art as the art itself.

Dec 6, 2012

Video: ILLmaculate - "Walk on Water (Fear of God)"

Rising from the MC battle circuit, Illmaculate drops some rhymes to show he can write clever songs as well, a rarity among battle rappers. In preparation for his upcoming album "CHRON: Legacy", ILL links with Portland beatsmith Lawz Spoken to create the single "Walk on water (Fear of God)" with 80's sci-fi synths and battle rap bravado. Check for the free download album on December 17th for more gritty vibes from the Oregon crew.

Dec 5, 2012

Video: Neek The Exotic - "Real Deal Hip Hop" ft. DJ JS-1

Neek the Exotic, a frequent Large Professor collaborator since the Main Source days, just released a video and single for his track "Real Deal Hip Hop" from the upcoming album Comin' In Piles. Produced by The Audible Doctor and featuring cuts by DJ JS-1, Neek reminiscnes on the "back i nthe day" grind that he faced as an MC and the current struggle to maintain that vibe today. It is a nice little chunk of hip hop appreciation in the midst of techno/house/dance tunes polluting airwaves these days. Enjoy and check for the new project on ILL Adrenaline Records.

Dec 4, 2012

History of the Hype Man

Shout out to Bryan at The Bee Shine ( for the collaborative write-up on the history and evolution of the hype man in hip hop. From plain clothes security guards to CEO's and mogul's, many of your favorite rappers from the past grinded their way up the ladder to success to get where they are today, for better and for worse. Check it out here and get your learn on!

Dec 3, 2012

Interview: Just Blaze - Crate Diggers Unite!

Just Blaze sat down with Fuse TV as part of the Crate Diggers series to discuss the mysterious science of collecting records, unused samples, and some of back story to some of his most acclaimed tracks. Check it out and get your learn on!

Dec 2, 2012

Video: Substantial - "See Hear"

Substantial drops his newest effort "See Hear" as a follow up single to his album "Home Is Where The Art Is". Produced by Algorythm, much of the song laments about how the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area has changed over the years and the turbulent evolution of DC itself. Mello Music Group keeps dropping consistent efforts that stay true to the foundation of hip hop culture and "realness". It's out here if you look for it! Check out more videos and songs from Substantial and support quality music.