Aug 11, 2012

Logan Hicks: Stencil Master

While attending the Joe Lurato and Chris Stain show last night, I headed to the drink cart to get a water (good story I know). While waiting for my drink, a guy and his son walk up beside me to also ask for water and when i looked up, it was stencil and street art master Logan Hicks.

I recognized him from always checking out new work on his site at and had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes. He told me about some upcoming shows and I asked about all of his recent sewer and bridge photos that I see on Facebook all the time.

Almost 10 years ago, I was walking down the street in Milwaukee and saw a "workhorse" tag on the sidewalk and recognized the name from an article I read in Anthem magazine. It was nice to meet the man in person and discuss his work.

The amount of work that goes into his images is staggering, often huge canvases of layered stencils with incredible detail, best seen in person.

Check out his recent work below and his website for more and do some research on one of the OG's of the street art and stencil art movement.

Aug 10, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Chris Stain, Joe Lurato, Dave McKean


I hate to lump two great artists together in one post, but in this case, they are doing a show tonight @The Mighty Tanaka in Dumbo, Brooklyn (NY) called DEEP IN THE CUT (New Work by Chris Stain and Joe Iurato) and it makes perfect sense. I am a long time fan of both of their work, as it is the type of street art that makes you stop and study it with the level of detail and mystery that they both build into the process. Both artists interact with the surrounding walls and objects and I have long enjoyed the similar but distinctly different methods they use to execute the work. If you can't make it to the show tonight in BK, check out there work online and educate your self on some quality artwork hidden a neighborhood near you.

Though he is a legend in the comic book art world, I always enjoy revisiting the work of Dave McKean whenever I need inspiration. His work floored me the first time I saw it and I realized that having a "dark" style and abusing photographic source material was a legitimate path to follow. I have long been a fan of darker themes in art work, as evidenced on my @Pinterest account I guess, and McKean was a launching point for me. If you don't know his work, check more out below and online here.

Aug 9, 2012

Artists You Should Know: Devine Carama

Devine Carama

Devine Carama is an MC that has built his story from the unlikely home field of Kentucky, where I was also born and raised. Much in the spirit of the underground heroes like Cunninglynguists and the 502 Hedz, Devine keeps his eyes on the story of the struggle told through honest rhymes and a good mix of southern soul and sometimes mellow vibe. His music embodies the Golden Era of rap and the more introspective rhymes from Nas, mixed with the southern consciousness of early Outkast and Goodie Mob.

The video above, for his track "The Populist Pulpit" is from an older album, but it is a good introduction to the mind state and skills that you can hear on all of Carama's albums.

Check out his ode to the Nas classic "The Message", featured on Soundcloud and research his back catalog. Help support good music and good artists!

"Nas is my favorite MC & this is one of if not my favorite albums of all time. I just wanted to pay homage & hopefully shed light and inspire the younger generation to go back and study It Was Written." – Devine Carama

Video: Chaundon ft. The Audible Doctor " Success, Part 1"

Chaundon, of JUSTUS LEAGUE and 9th Wonder fame, teams up with The Audible Doctor for TAD's upcoming album
I Think That due out September 25th. Download the song at the link below and keep an eye out for the final project coming soon.

"Success (Part 1)" is off of Audible Doctor's "I Think That..." EP (Out 09/25/12)

Audible Doctor Feat. Chaundon "Success (Part 1)" (Prod. By Audible Doctor, Cuts By DJ Brace)

Video by Civil Productions // Directed and Shot by Rob Levy (@CivilProd_Rob
) // Assistant Directed by Joe Gherardi of Macro Films

Video: Scram Jones - "Boom Bap Jones"


Though this video is in support of Scram Jones The Hat Trick project from 2011, I am still rocking the bulk of this free download in my ipod. Check the video starring – DJ PREMIER, TONY TOUCH, LORD SEAR, SHIEST BUBZ, EVIDENCE. With help from SHADE 45 BEAST MUSIC – PACE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS and SMOKESTACK RECORDINGS, Scram was able to release this project and help shine some light on one of the most slept on MC/Producer/Song Writers in all of rap.

With production and MC credits on multi-platinum albums and artists ranging from RnB to Latin to Hip-Hop – Scram Jones has proved that his melodies and beats have universal appeal.

"Scram Jones is not your average Producer, DJ or MC; he is a Grammy-nominated “triple threat”! 
– Via

If you never heard of Scram Jones until now, do your research! Follow @Scram Jones on Twitter

SCRAM JONES - 40 BAR FLASHBACK  (an audio history lesson)

Aug 8, 2012

Read: Where is N.W.A. When We Need Them?!

Juan Vidal recently posted an interesting read at Huffington Post on the history of politically aware and outspoken hip hop artists (Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, etc.) with a long review of what the popularity of NWA in their prime meant to the US at large. The group promoted anti-police brutality, angst and hardcore approaches to the oppression of the larger "powers that be" and corrupt "system"present in US policies and law. Vidal discusses the influence that the "angry black rapper" had on the media and society that should make you long for the day when rappers were genuinely pissed off about the world and not just partying to house music like they do in 2012. Read the full article after the jump:

Aug 7, 2012

Interview: DJ House Shoes

In the first in a series of video interviews, Abraham Beltran interviews House Shoes about his early years and how he was introduced to the Detroit Hip Hop scene. Afterwards, the latest music video from House Shoes Let It Go album for the track "Castles" featuring  Jimetta Rose.
(via 2dopeboyz)

CASTLES ft. Jimetta Rose

New Album: LuvJonez - Mental Rental

Officially released today, Mental Rental is 30 tracks of instrumental brain food with a mix of throwback sounds and soul samples to fit inside your head. Check out the streaming album at the Bandcamp link above and share it with anyone you think would enjoy it. Thanks for the support!

Aug 6, 2012

Video: Rapsody - Believe Me


Rapsody lays down some Lauryn Hill quoting, mellow, battle rhymes for the wack MC's of the world and folks who continue to sleep on her skills. Nice to hear some less anthem-like tracks from 9th Wonder and more of a laid back feel. Nice mix of lyrics and visuals from the Jamla family.

Watch out for the "The Idea Of Beautiful" project coming soon. More please!

Schlomo: New Music Mix

Shlohmo was a recent guest on Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show and laid down a hypnotic and, to quote PIMB, a "woozy 27-minute mix of previously unreleased material from his discography, a Ryan Hemsworth cut, and, perhaps weirdest/best of all, chopped-and-screwed Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes, I hate “Call Me Maybe”, too, but this is hilarious." Stream or download the mix below.
(via Potholesinmyblog)

Music Mondays: Future + Past


Though I do not live in DC, if I still did, I would be checking this show out. A chance to see some of the dope DC area musicians like Oddisee, Tabi Bonney, DJ Underdog is good enough, but Flosstradamus has been killing the club remixes of everything lately and it would be cool to see it done live. I can just be jealous of the show, and the doep flyer, long distance and encourage others to go and tell me about it afterwards. Check it out at


I know this is older material and a bit out of a left field post, but I recently came across some songs by Rocki Evans and I like his mix of hip hop production (throwback style) and soulful singing. This is the type of sound I wish folks like Anthony Hamilton would rock with, but I am glad to see an authentic voice of soul singing using the Golden Era sound as a backdrop for his words. Check out his Bandcamp link below and the latest remix/ cut from SoundCloud below.


One more plug for my upcoming release, tomorrow, for an instrumental hip hop project of 30 songs with unreleased material and remixes of mellow, throwback beats to fit inside your head on your daily commute. Preview or Pre-order today or check it out on Bandcamp here:

Aug 5, 2012

2012 DMC Finals: The Results Are In

For my first time seeing the DMCs live and in-person, it turned out to be a pretty dope show. Hosted by Lord Finesse, who took time to crack jokes, freestyle some gems, took turns cutting on the tables and spoke honesty about his issue with Mac Miller (unprovoked), the finals featured a few DJs I knew and many I didn't. However, in addition to seeing fan favorites like DJ Precision of the X-ecutioners crew ( who won) and Boogie Blind (also of Xmen), it was nice to see some former champs share the stage and cut live, like DJ Cheese, Snayk Eyez, Spiktacular, Total Eclipse, DJ Swamp, and Fat Fingaz. I even got to meet Pharoah Monch (one of my all time top MCs) who was just hanging out in the crowd watching. Even got a chance to see my old friend and professional goofball DJ John Swan in the crowd. Overall, great event and glad to see DJs still drawing a crowd with scratching in 2012! Pics below!