Nov 15, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Perttu Saksa - "A Kind Of You" Series

Perttu Saksa  is a visual artist and photographer whose recent series called "A Kind of You" exhibits monkeys in masks in dramatic lighting that is both expertly done and depressing in a good way (to me anyway). It is amazing to me how much emotion Saksu can pull from the animals in their various poses. Check it out and realize that your concepts of how we interact with nature as humans can transform with a single photograph. He graduated in fine arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and from photography from the Lahti University of Applied Science. Currently Perttu is working on his PhD in fine arts at Aalto University in Helsinki.


Nov 14, 2013

Listen: Denmark Vessey X Scud One - "HoeininDaGaddaDaVida"

Producer Exile and his Dirty Science crew recently previewed the work of collaborative duo Denmark Vessey (Detroit) and Scud One (Chicago)and their video and single entitled "HoeininDaGaddaDaVida" from the album. The overall project is quoted from the crew as wanting the listener "to make a classic imaginative journey through the minds of controlling powers of religion, music and Government in this grimey, psychedic Hip Hop album "Cult Classic."

Check out the video above and the album below and support some talented cats from the American Midwest

DOWNLOAD LINK…t-classic-cd

Nov 13, 2013

Listen: No Bird Sing - "Don't Think" feat. Sage Francis

Not really a left field post, but a slight curveball from the stuff I typically post here, after hearing the lead single from Strange Famous crew NO BIRD SING (emcee Joe Horton, drummer/producer Graham O'Brien, and guitarist/producer Robert Mulrennan) entitled "Don't Think", I wanted to share some music from the Midwest that carries the torch for groups like Atmosphere and more experimental rap acts.

Tying in live-band elements while exploring a more intensely-produced sound that ranges from indie rock flavors to minimal hip hop, No Bird Sing push the envelope and show the diversity of their sound on the record and feature some of their fellow Midwest standouts like Crescent Moon (Kill the Vultures), Kristoff Krane, Sadistik, Chastity Brown, James Diers (Halloween, Alaska), Aby Wolf, Adam Svec and Molly Dean.

Check out "Definition Sickness" and help shine a light on some talented cats from the middle of the country.


Nov 11, 2013

Listen: PRIVILEGE presents - "The Beat Down"

In honor of celebrating the release of their 2013 fall collection, PRIVILEGE clothing company just released a new exclusive instrumental collection inspired by the brand, mixed from Jony Fraze and featuring production from Double Truth alumni J57, ILLMind, M-Phazes and many more and mixed by Jony Fraze. Fraze describes the project like this: “Extremely proud of this project! Privilege gave me the opportunity to create and mix the ultimate beat tape of my dreams.Shouts to all the talented and amazing producers who I featured on this project. Make sure to check these guys out and keep em in mind for your next project."


Nov 10, 2013

Listen: R-Kay - "One For Dilla"

I happened upon the work of the UK beatsmith R-Kay by chance, but was impressed at the obvious Dilla influence on his work, particularly this remake of the Slum Village track "Players" titled "One for Dilla". Always glad to see the next generation of beatmakers paying homage to one of the greats. Many of R-Kays beats are chilled out and float between RnB and hip hop, so check out his work with the UK based UK Based Collective Rhythm x Reason and help a slept-on talent from across the pond get some shine for his crew The Academy Collection .