Jul 20, 2013

Listen: Frank Black - "Bullfly"

I recently came across the work of Oklahoma emcee Frank Black and his album "The Unquestionable Truth" and was impressed with the quality music coming from his corner of the map. The Southwest typically does not get much shine from the hip hop world, but from the first track on the album, I could tell that Frank has a good head on his shoulders. Among the many well-crafted songs on the album, the song "Bullfly" stuck out to me the most. Frank drops knowledge about growing up and trying to "be the best I can be" in the face of unbalanced odds. He reminds me of Supastition and Little Brother (in their hey day) and carries the True School spirit of the DMV with him out in OK. Hopefully there is more to come from this slept-on emcee. Check out the album and support quality music!

Jul 19, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Andrew Zbihlyj

I remember seeing the work of Andrew Zbihlyj in the back of Scratch magazine, when that was still around, with an incredible detailed image called "Where my killa tape at?" Immediately impressed by his style of mixing a combination of acrylic paint, ink, various papers,photography, tape, some harmful chemicals and fire. All of his work is fully collaged and painted, except where indicated and keeps his consistent splattered and refined style in tact. Plus, he appreciates Christopher Hitchens, so he gets cool point from me.


Jul 17, 2013

Video: KA - "Off The Record"

Brownsville KA continues to build his catalog by dropping clever concepts and being a one man army for his music, directing his own videos, producing his tracks and marketing everything himself. He recently dropped the album "The Nights Gambit" and the video for the track "Off The Record" as a lead single. Watching the video, you can see KA make his way through a record store and illustrate the key lines of his record with the vinyl album cover of the album or song he mentions in the lyrics. IT reminds me of how GZA did "Labels" on Liquid Swords back in 94, but KA puts a fresh spin on the idea. Check out one of the most humble underground stars right now and support quality music and hardworking artists.


Jul 16, 2013

Video: Add-2 - "Couples Therapy" ft. Wes Restless

Chi-town native and Double Truth alumni Add-2 recently dropped the visuals for the tracks "Couples Therapy" from the album "More Missed Calls". I like the honest approach to the struggle of young relationships and the ups and down that come with it, which is rare for young emcee's to acknowledge. Check out the video and support some quality tunes from the midwest.


Jul 15, 2013

Video: Blame One X J57 - "They Don't Know" ft. Akie Bermiss

Blame One drops jewels on belief systems and personal knowledge of the universe with the single "They Don’t Know", from the forthcoming group album with Brown Bag AllStars beatsmith J57. The mellow, boom-bap approach by J57 fits the thoughtful verses by Blame One perfectly and help focus the attention on the words being spoken. Brown Bag affiliate Akie Bermiss sings the hook and carries the mood of the track to make the listener reflect on their life instead of amping you up to party like many tracks these days. Sometimes I just want music I can zone out to that speaks honest truths about the confusing world around us all, and this track does exactly that. Watch for the entire "Walk in the Sun" album dropping  August 27, via SoulSpazm Records.