Dec 27, 2009

Big Hus "Hooked On U" 2004, CHI-TOWN PT. 2

The B-Side of Big Hus single is a song called "Hooked On U". This is a decent song that is trying to describe the ups and downs of a Chi-Town love life. It too is well-rounded as far as production but it is also something that would never get much repeat play on my ipod, but perhaps in yours. CDR part 2. It sounds a bit like Doggfather era Snoop Dogg mixed with a bit of Coolio "Fantastic Ride" in a Chicago stylee. Let me know your thoughts.



Big Hus "I Don't Even Know" (Ion't Een No) 2004, CHI-TOWN PT. 1

First up is Big Hus with his single "I Don't Even Know" (or ION'T EEN NO in Chi-Town slang). This song reminds me of Juvenile's "Ha" song from the late-90's/ early 2000's but was made around 2004. It is catchy in the "say the title a hundred times" way that most of Cash Money's singles often are/were. I came across this CD when I met a guy I worked with on his first day and we got to talking about rap/hip-hop and he mentioned that his brother was a rapper. This claim "my brother raps" is something I come across often and although I am open minded about the substance of their songs, I often end up hating the results upon first listen. This song came out mildly professional sounding, down to the fake call-in show intro.

Overall, this is one of two songs on a burned CD that my co-worker Kevin gave to me for a listen. The unprofessional presentation is consistent with most every "rap cat" that I meet who works so hard to craft a song that they ill consider their presentation when handing out CD's (CDR with name scribbled in sharpie). I will post both songs for anyone's listen, but for all of the hand-to-hand CD's I have gotten, this one surprised me a bit with the clarity of sound, as I usually can hear the hiss of open-air bad recordings on a lot of these demo's.

Give me some feed back people!



Music You Don't Have

Greetings people,

So as I was cleaning out my CD spindles from years and years of trying to create the perfect mixtape, which i have yet to do, I came across demo CD's, debuts and singles from local and regional artists I have encountered throughout my life. Many of these acts have been artists from Kentucky (Louisville, Bowling Green, Hopkinsville), Wisconsin (Madison, Milwaukee), Illinois (Chicago, Rockford) and New York (Brooklyn, 5 Boroughs) and others. I decided to compile these albums and post them for people to listen to. Many of them are not high quality, but there is something I admire about even the lowest guy on the totem pole of the hip-hop world, feeling confident enough about his work to "put it out there" for everyone to hear.

I will provide brief descriptions of how I acquired these items and upload the albums one at a time. I would love some feedback on many of these acts. So many of them disappeared from the radar of the general public, but these all bring me back to a moment in time, whatever the quality is of the recording.


Keep an eye out below for the links!