Jan 26, 2013

Listen: Moe Pope and Rain - "Let The Right Ones In"

Despite a album cover that looks like an indie-rock-ish B-Movie (intentionally) the musical soundscape on Moe Pope and Rain's "Let The Right Ones In" ranges from hip-hop instrumentals, indie-rock female vocals and jittery electronic music and helps shine a light on the progressive Massachusetts crew. The diverse sound also features guest spots from underground vets like Reks, John Robinson, Blacastan and lesser known (to hip hop heads) acts like Julia Easterlin, Dua Boakye of Bad Rabbits, Boycott Blues, Casso, Tea Leigh, Ceschi, Tan Vampires and Lady Lamb the Bee Keeper.

Check out the Boston crew and a more experimental hip hop vibe that may catch fire for the crew in 2013! Could be the soundtrack of your next art opening or your daily commute!

"WHAT YOU NEED" music video

Jan 25, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Philippe Baudelocque

Among the bevy of street artists who use wheat paste or spray paint, every once in a while someone like Philippe Baudelocque comes along and surprises us all with simple chalk drawings. Simple chalk only referring to the materials, but the skill with which he renders dimensional portraits of animals is fascinating and non-toxic. Lots of philosophy and honesty built into the work and hopefully Baudelocque can continue to take his style world wide, even if it washes away in an instant. Complex designs and patterns galore!

Jan 24, 2013

Video: Dag Savage - "When It Rains" ft. Aloe Blacc

Dag Savage, Exile and Johaz, recently dropped their album and some dope visuals to support the single "When It Rains" featuring Aloe Blacc. A nice preview for the album, along with other promo tracks from late last year, the video is a chill, soulful joint produced by Exile, of Blu and Exile fame, as is the entire album, and nods to the type of mellow vibe the group is on. Check out "The Dag Savage" EP if you havent already!


Jan 23, 2013

Listen: Vanilla - "For What It's Worth" Album

Donwtempo British beatmaker Vanilla, recently dropped his latest opus entitled "For What It's Worth",  a collection of 20 outtakes and loose instrumentals made over the past year. I was a fan of his "high Life" album from 2011 and am always down to support my fellow hip hop beatmakers.  Overall, a nice mix of jazzy samples and chill instrumentals to vibe with. Check it out and support quality music from across the pond:


Jan 22, 2013

Video: Nature - "Welcome to My World"

Nature | Welcome To My World from portervision on Vimeo.

Hip Hop veteran Nature, who gained fame as 1/4 of The Firm in the late 90's, has been slowly cooking up a comeback with some underground bangers like the recent "Welcome to My World" track and video. Always gruff and peppered with tough talk and honesty about living the hard life as an older hip hop head, Nature shows that you can rock a mic at any point in your career if you stay true to what got you there. Check it out above and stay tuned for more in the future.

Jan 21, 2013

MLK DAY: Nina Simone - "The King of Love Is Dead"

Though today is being celebrated for the current Obama Whitehouse and the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr., I tend to reflect on the pain of a divided nation at the time of MLK's death back in April of 1968 (though I wasn't alive then) and hope that people can continue to educate themselves about other cultures and unite over common causes. The first time I heard this song by the great Nina Simone, it stuck with me. The mood, the heartfelt live performance and words should translate to everyone. Think about what you are doing to impact the world and reflect on someone who kept fighting for everyone.