Jul 13, 2012

Fine Art Friday: July 13, 2012


I had a chance to see this guy's work in Miami in the early 2000's and was struck by the incredible detail (almost microscopic) in his elaborate sculptures of monochrome, miniatures. There is really no way to do his work justice with descriptions, but if you get a chance to see it in person, you will be in a trance when looking at the tiny and fascinating elements in each piece.

Check out the link for his site for more details and news. Always dope!


Jesse Hazelip is an artist I first saw in magazines like Juxtapoz and street art websites, but have since seen in person. Though the subject matter seems obscure at first, he is heavily interested in the idea of extinction and past cultures dying out. He honors them with abstract forms of World War II planes attached to buffalo and heron forms best described by the artist here:

"The work is actually about life and the decisions we make throughout.  There are remnants from the past that include death, and we should reflect upon them. But I’m hoping that people come out of this thinking about how we can learn from our mistakes and make this journey more pleasant.  We only have a short time in our lives to be active and make a difference.  I think we should focus our energy collectively to make this short existence meaningful."

Jul 12, 2012

Video: Nardwaur X DJ Premier

If you are not familiar with Nardwaur, he is somehow Canada's ambassador of rap music (at least when I have seen him) and nerdy outfits. He kinda looks like a Where's Waldo and Pee Wee Herman combo, but he does his research and always seems to impress the guests with his knowledge and records. They always seem to have a "come on, dude" look on their face until he hits with some history and they crack up at his know-how.

 Check out his interviews with Jay-Z, Pharrell, Odd Future and more floating around on Youtube. You might learn something new about your favorite artists!

Jul 11, 2012

Video: DC Shoes X San Francisco Streets

I have never been into stunt driving or car culture, but I will always appreciate some good HD footage of reckless driving in a GTA style! Damn, I wish I could drive like this at all times. The most impressive part is the fact that he is ripping the streets in a wack ass Ford Fiesta.

Jul 10, 2012

Movie: Big Fun in the Big Town: The Lost 1986 Hip Hop Documentary

A 1986 Dutch documentary on 'The Big Town' of New York, and its emerging Hip Hop scene back in the 1980s. Despite blurry images and Dutch sub-titles, you get to see some hidden footage of the early years of Hip Hop's infancy with Def Jam Records, Doug E Fresh, Grandmaster Flash and more.

Check out the link to the full movie below while you can!


Jul 9, 2012

Interview: Brother Ali X Jake One

Here is a nice sneak peak at the upcoming Brother Ali and Jake One album Mourning In America and some behind-the-scenes talk about the spirit of the project and the creative process. Always dope to see an artist being honest and sharing the concepts behind their work with fans and the rest of the world. Looking forward to the album. Thanks to Rhymesayers for the video!

Jul 8, 2012

Eric B and Rakim: Paid in Full - 25 Years Later

25 Years later, Eric B and Rakim's legendary album Paid in Full still resonates with music fans. There has been much ink spilled about the influence of Rakim and his lyrical skills and how it changed the way rappers rapped, so I won't act like this is the first mention. The simple fact that this album can still set a party off 25 years later (Saturday, July 7 marks the 25th Anniversary since it was released) is pretty telling of the nostalgia and history that this album brings for hip hop heads and music fans in general.

The video clip above is actually the Coldcut remix, not the original album cut which was much shorter, but it still holds true to the music and rhythm of the original and helps showcase the song a bit better. For more performances and news about the history of the group and the music, check out the post at egotripland here. Enjoy and do your research if you don't know!