May 17, 2014

Video: Rapsody - "Betty Shabazz"

One of the few female MCs that honor the craft, Jamla Records resident emcee, Rapsody, recently dropped the visuals for her cut from the album, "9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is the Squad (Deluxe Edition)". Always bringing honest lyrics and a mellow flow to her tracks, Rapsody always sounds serious about her role and never resorts to the Nicki Minaj-esque, clown or Barbie tactics to get her point across. Culture over everything indeed!


May 16, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Matt Cusick - "Defacements" Series

I first came across the work of Matt Cusick when I saw the cover art for the "Benthic Lines" album from Dan Lyth. I liked the subtle ocean/sky combo which was enough to prompt me to look online for more of his work. I then came across his Defacement series, where he takes pages from old schoolbooks and alters them by sanding and scraping away everything except the page number, an illustration, and a few chosen words. They end up becoming these unintended poems that seem to resonate with a power stronger than the source material. Personally, I enjoy the unearthing of a hidden message or intent in the mass-produced pages of discarded books. Check it out and see how a simple concept can be executed with minimal elements.


May 15, 2014

Listen: Ladi6 - "Automatic" Album

New Zealand songstress Ladi6 and Detroit's Waajeed (of Platinum Pied Pipers, Slum Village, and Dilla association) collaborated on a spacy, futuristic, soulful album of original, hip hop-influenced RnB entitled "Automatic" and the results are damn near perfect. Chopping up elements of rock, Dilla-esque drum kits, outer space synth's, and Ladi6's voice all connect for a hypnotic and seamless collection that stands up the the "skipless" test that is rare these days in any genre, so Waajeed's production perfectly matches Ladi6's voice throughout. Showing that everything you hear on the radio is not the true standard, Ladi6 and Waajeed bang out some honest, new school RnB without resorting to Dubstep or syrupy cliches. Check it out and support some international music.


May 14, 2014

Video: UGeorge - "Blowing Up" ft. SoundSci

From the recent WorldExpo label sampler, the crew UGeorge dropped the visuals for the track "Blowing Up" featuring label mates Soundsci. Among the features is Audessey (of Mass Influence) and serves as a preview for the upcoming "The Many Faces of UGeorge" album. A bit of a throwback track with cats who are more seasoned than most of the young cats in the game, but always glad to see more humble music and "grown man" themes with hip hop from some areas of the globe. Check it out and realize that hip hop is for all ages and looks and the WorldExpo crew continues to prove this fact.


May 13, 2014

Video: Devine Carama - "The Torch Bearer"

Kentucky emcee and Double Truth alumni, Devine Carama, recently dropped a lost single from his past album "Heart of a King" sessions. Here is what he said about it, listen and enjoy.

As I was going through beats during a studio session for my upcoming album, Believing In Forever, I stumbled across an unreleased song called “The Torch Bearer” produced by Confidence. I had completely forgot about this song. This was originally recorded for my 2012 album, Heart Of A King. Confidence is definitely one of the up and coming producers in the game. I felt this previously unreleased gem would do better in the fans’ headphones than in a folder on my labtop. This track is about carrying on the right legacy to the next generation. The future is only as bright as the light that the present shines. -Devine Carama

May 12, 2014

Video: Substantial - "Neighborhood Watch" (The Other Guys Remix) ft. Acem of Gods'Illa

Mello Music's standout emcee Substantial recently dropped the remix track and video, a collaboration with The Other Guys and Acem of Gods'Illa, for the song "Neighborhood Watch" from the album "Art Is Where The Home Is". The results are a terrific blend of chilled out moods with honest lyrics from the DC area true schoolers and make me like the remix a bit more than the original. Acem holds his own with Substantial and hopefully this is a hint of more quality projects from all artists involved.