Dec 13, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Francesco Albano - "Skin Sculptures"

Sculpture artist Francesco Albano recently previewed his series of work that explores the elasticity and mortality of the human flesh. Building scenes that seem like the aftermath of a toxic waste disaster, Albano's work uses beautiful and horrific piles of flesh that are stretched, skinned, melted and folding in on itself to emphasize the fragile state of our "mortal coil". Check it out and see some masterful execution of a sculpture artist who wants you to confront your cellulite and wrinkles and appreciate what you have.


Dec 12, 2013

Listen: Asheru - "Sleepless In Soweto" Album

Unspoken Heard member and DC area hip hop emcee, artist, and educator Asheru continues to add to his solid discography with positive and mellow, thinking mans hip hop. After spending years in South Africa, he has prepared a new album entitled "Sleepless In Soweto" and serves as an introduction to some live instrumentation hip hop with elements of African house, afrobeat and other African influences throughout the album. Always staying true to his interests and reflecting an authentic and educated approach to his own cultural and musical history, Asheru delivers on another album that you can safely play for a crowd of any age.


Dec 11, 2013

Listen: Tom Caruana - "Wu-Tang vs The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chamber"

Though this project is not new, I find myself constantly revisiting it for the interesting concept of combining the two prolific groups. Not using obvious Beatles samples, some are re-created, some are cover songs, but still staying on target in order to match the verses of various Wu songs from their group and solo efforts to some fresh and original soundscapes, the project from dj Tom Caruana is a quality ode to two powerhouse groups from rock and rap history.


Dec 10, 2013

Video: Snowgoons X Reks X Edo G - "Suckaz Behind Screens"

German true school hip hop production team Snowgoons continues to build an impressive catalog with many of underground hip hops veterans and resident tough guys. Showcasing their recent collabo with Edo G and Reks for the track "Suckaz Behind Screens, the track addresses the unfortunate but true nature of hip hop in the internet age, where haters leaving overtly racist and insulting comments and feedback simply because they can remain anonymous. The video is a clever ode to the internet downloading, sharing and copying of files that is commonly attributed to hurting lesser known artists bottom line, but the concept is well executed and should help build some hype for the rest of the album dropping "Black Snow 2" on Dec 13th.


Dec 9, 2013

Listen: Rapper Big Pooh - "Fat Boy Fresh 3.5"

Criminally slept on since the debut of Little Brother, Rapper Big Pooh has been adding quality tracks and guest appearances to many albums and mixtapes since the group disbanded years ago. The recent remastered version of Augusts "Fat Boy Bresh 3", now includes more songs and some new mixes that help round out a slept-on but quality project that frames the tracks around the concept of people telling embarrassing birthday stories between the tracks and makes the albums personal stories and songs more relevant the second time around. Check it out and support the other half of Little Brother.