Aug 28, 2007

NY OIL - Hood Treason

I know this guy is posted on several websites right now, but I was so moved by this album, that I feel compelled to share it with whomever stops by this site. NYoil is a slighty aggresive rhymer with skills that sound like a combo of Common, Saigon and Immortal Technique. He declares the state of hip-hop in dire need of Direction, much like all the real heads out there, and his album is testimony to that cause. He has many stand-out tracks like "Unreal, Yall should all be lynched, And it dont stop, etc." This guy is capable of deep thoughts and rugged wordplay and seems man enough to back it up. The production is top-notch, with no big names or big name sound-alikes, which make this a very solid, cohesive album.

This album is floating aroud in cyber-space and I wish more people could hear it. He has video's on Youtube and songs available for download on most mp3 sites.

The album itself, as far as the artwork goes, can be decieving, It almost looks like some Goth-rap shit, but that is mostly just bad graphic design work. If you can get past that, there is a great underground artist's album in there and very worthy of checking out.

Here is the link:


Aug 23, 2007

Rise - From the child to the MC

Hailing from Brooklyn, like many great MC's before him, little is known about this cat RISE, other than he used to do songs with the Demigodz crew. Somehow in my quest to gather songs by him, I came across this collection that I can only assume is either an album that was never officially released or a compilation of his works. Either way, it satidfied my desire to listen to the skills this guy has. He is a humorous, battle type rapper, with punchline after punchline, and is capable of telling clever stories as well. He got a little shine a while back on Lyricist Lounge vol.1, and Eddie ill freestyle CD and on several Demigodz EP's. He has released some low-budget CDR type discs over the years, but those might as well have never came out, cause they are that hard to find. I can't find much relevant info about him now, but if this is the only thing he ever put out, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Great songs include BKNY, the wickedest flow, etc. Classified as SUPER-underground, cause I don't even think this dude's family knows whats going on with him. Rawness!

Check it out!!!

zshare link:

More Info Available at:


1 - BKNY
2 - Cheater
3 - Do You Know Him
4 - Eddie Ill Freestyle
5 - Every MC f/ Apathy
6 - From The Child To the MC
7 - I know
8 - Memories f/ Wordsworth & Masta Ace
9 - No Faith
10 - Nothings Changed f/ Mr. Complex
11 - Relay Remix f/ Pack FM & Wordsworth
12 - Smackdown f/ C-Rayz Walz & Apathy
13 - The Godz Must Be Crazy
14 - The Wickedest Flow
15 - Well Well Well f/ The Demigodz

Aug 16, 2007

Tardy list for me...means more treats for you _______Mike Boo_Dunhill Drone Committee

I haven't checked in for a while, but I was trying to dig up some gems for you guys. This is an album that may be my favorite turntablism album in the last few years. Mike Boo - Dunhill Drone Committee. This is an album that I like to call audio heroin, for its use of mellow, layered, surreal soundscapes. It drifts in and out of clarity and sounds like the soundtrack to your brain after a night of heavy partying, and its just begging to go to sleep, but your thoughts keep you up until 5am. This description is pretty lame actually, but few words can describe the sleepy peacefulness of this album. It tends to be a mix of moody hip hop-esque scratching and slow-rolling soundscapes... and I will end by attempts to convey this gem with words. Check it out!!!

Here is the link:

Jul 17, 2007

Local Favorites: OxJonez - "True Story" LP

This post features a brief collection of songs by OxJonez, a Madison, WI duo of emcee OX and producer LuvJonez. Ox has released 3 albums since 2003, and has yet another on the horizon for 2007. This collection are tracks produced by LuvJonez, another Madison local who has had tracks featured on every Ox album since 2003. LuvJonez productions have increased per album and tend to be the backdrop of the more introspective cuts on the albums. This compilation features a re-packaged version of only the songs that feature LuvJonez productions, that have been or will be featured on Ox's projects.

As far as sound quality, all tracks have been mastered. Ox's voice and content sounds like early work by Scarface and Xzibit. Often introspective and aggressive at the same time, Ox always has a lot to say and though the delivery at times is rough, he always gets his point across.

Check it out on Bandcamp HERE

Local Favorites: Lucha Libre - "Plantando Bandera" LP

This post features 2 groups who have flourished here (in Madison, WI) but never recieved much exposure outside of the midwest: Lucha Libre and OX.

Lucha Libre is a hip-hop/reggaeton hybrid consisting of emcee/producer Da Ricanstrukta and emcee's NV1 and Mic Virus.

They disbanded after releasing their sophmore album, but their first album Plantando Bandera (2005) was the most outstanding of all of their work. There are few guest appearences on this album consisting of local Wisconsin emcee's, but the overall diversity of sound is a testament to their creativity. Bi-lingual rhymes, battle raps, revolutionary prose, dancehall and reggaeton riddims, and typical braggadoccio are abundant on this album along with professional sound quality. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Lucha Libre - Plantando Bandera (2005) - DOWNLOAD LINK

Jul 15, 2007

Local Favorites: Knotty Slayaz - "Lunatical Biography" (R.I.P.) 1995

The Knotty Slayaz was a hip hop group from Hopkinsville, KY circa 1994/1995. They released a cassette only demo and I was able to get a copy from the lead MC, Be Be (now RasOne of HPT). I grew up with him and we were always trading rap tapes but when he and his crew recorded this song, I wanted a copy for historical reasons. Not too long after they released this and started performing, one of the MC's, Rocky, passed away from a brain hemorage. The group stopped recording soon after and disbanded. They reformed around 1997 as HPT, but altered their sound towards a more club-friendly and popular audience.

Their demo, while rough and darker thematically, was charming for me because it was my friends doing what they loved. It may not be the dopest demo in the world to you, but it always brings back images of high school for me and the FlatLinerz, Gravediggaz era of hip hop. A moment in time. It is super lo-fi, but it is the only copy in existance outside my original cassette. Enjoy.

Knotty Slayaz - Lunatical Biography

Jul 11, 2007

Break Bread - Da Album - 2002

Break Bread Da Album never saw huge distribution or press when in came out in 2002. Originally from Madison, WI, they were a hip hop group made up of Da Ricanstrukta (Producer, MC-Josue) and Dana Coppafeel (MC). Josue switched up his verses between spanish language and english while Dana stuck to his hip hop lyricism. They made a strong debut and brought in like-minded acts to do shows with. Namely, Kev Brown, Breez Evahflowin', Carnage, and Novacane. 2003 saw the group go their seperate ways and Josue began a hip hop/ reggaeton group called Lucha Libre, while Dana moved to Milwaukee and formed King Hell Bastard. This is a lo-fi copy of the album, but I will repost the offcial release as soon as I can dig it up. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here is the link:

Jul 8, 2007

In the beginning....

I have several hip hop albums that are floating in obscurity from local acts and assosciates that may never get the exposure they deserve. I want to post them and get feedback. I will post great albums by major artists, but don't ignore the little guys. They all make quality music.