May 5, 2013

Throwback: Brand Nubian - "Time Is Running Out"

I remember the first time I saw the movie SLAM back in 1997 and was so floored by the performance by Saul Williams and the entire mood of the movie that I made my brother and nearest friend go back and watch it with me a second and third time. Many quotes and scenes still stick with me all of these years later and the film and its message stand up over time. The character Ray was released from prison until his court date in the movie and while walking towards the proverbial light, this track by Brand Nubian came on as the character reflected about all of the things that put him in his current situation (drugs, poverty, friends, etc.) It stands out as one of the best and articulate verses and tracks by Brand Nubian for me. Each MC takes his time to address things that cause stress in life and the paranoia of finding your place in the world constantly watching you. Enough waxing poetic by me, just check the track and absorb the message.

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