Nov 9, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Dan Webb

Dan Webb is a wood-working sculpture artist whose work uses a mixture of every objects (pillow, sheets, shoes, etc.) and the surreal (bones emerging from a slab of wood). He somehow manages to pull life like effects from the wood with incredible detail that pushes the boundaries of traditional wood work. Check out the pics above and his site for more info.

Nov 8, 2012

Listen: Apollo Brown X Guilty Simpson - "Dice Game" Album

If you don't know about the raw talent that both Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson bring to the table, then the Dice Game album is all the evidence you need.

Nov 7, 2012

4 More Years: Congrats Obama Team!

I try not to mix too much politics on the sight, as it can be pretty divisive, but I am glad that people got out to vote in America and decided to trust Obama with the task at hand. I was raised in a red state and will never agree with the mind set of the right, but I respect their ability to vote for who they think is right (despite being hella wrong in this case). I am sure they are all doing the Footloose warehouse frustration dance right now (posted below via FotC) but giving up on the POTUS after 4 years, from letting Bush run wild for 8 years, seemed pretty anti-progress. Regardless of the future outcomes, I am glad to say I am standing on the side of history with all my fellow brown peoples (and everyone else).

Nov 6, 2012

Video: Rapsody - "The Drums" ft. Heather Victoria, The Soul Council

Rapsody is back with another gem (the track "The Drums") from her album The Idea of Beautiful. Good video for good music! Check it out above and look for more work from Rapsody, Heather Victoria and The Soul Council!

Nov 5, 2012

Video: Sean Price - "The Genesis of Omega"

From what I understand, this video was created by the Dallas Penn crew and dedicated as an unofficial music video for Sean Price's "The Genesis of Omega" track from the Mic Tyson album. It is a humorous approach to a short track that illustrates some of P's punchlines with quick glances of the GI Joe-ish figure in the video. Good for a laugh, but seriously support Sean Price and the DuckDown Records family.

Nov 4, 2012

Throwback: Biggie - "Sky's the Limit"

"...Keep on Pressin On"

After a week of stress and hurricane madness in NYC, which will last for a while, some of the lyrics from this song, and just watching the video in general, help the mind relax and think about better days ahead.