Dec 15, 2012

Video: Rapper Big Pooh - Friends"

Check out some new dopeness from Little Brother alum Rapper Big Pooh! Dropping a video for the track "Friends" from the recent Fat Boy Fresh Vol.2 project, Pooh and producer Astronote hook up to make an ode to crooked friends and lovers. More please!

Dec 13, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Dave Kinsey

Every time I forget about how much I like his work, I see that Dave Kinsey has a new series about to be on exhibit. As of December 13, Joshua Liner Gallery is hosting Kiney's latest body of work entitled "Everything at Once". I am always impressed with the amount of motion, movement and color that Kinsey brings to his work.
He somehow walks the line between cartoons and detailed figurative work and it always seems to "pop" from the background even when abstracted. His work always seems to play with the idea of urban and natural worlds colliding illustrated with trees, animals and humans in layered images, chaotic yet recognizable portraits of objects and ideas clashing with each other. Wishing I could see it in person! Check it out if you are in LA, or browse the Joshua Liner link above for a preview of some of the work! A few more sampels below.

Dec 12, 2012

Listen: Jean P - "Just Because" Album

Though his voice sounds remarkably like Asheru, a quality reference if anything, and his moniker sounds too similar to Sean P(rice), after checking the vibe of Jean P's project "Just Because", I am liking the direction of his work and hoping he can make some more noise in the future. Lots of soulful vibes and an ill flip of Bob James's "Nautilus" on the opening track exhibit a good taste is music and a consistent vibe across the entire album. Check it out and here's hoping for more in the future. DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:

Video: Supastition X Marco Polo - "Yada Yada"

Supastition AKA Kam Moye seems to be conflicted about his rap moniker at times, but his taste in beats is always on points and he links with Marco Polo to make a banger called "Yada Yada". If this is a preview of more to come, then I'm excited to see Supa get some more shine with one of the premier underground beatsmiths. More please!

Dec 11, 2012

Video: Roc Marciano - "Deeper"

Roc Marciano drops another slow burner from his recent Reloaded project. Much like Sean Price, at least to me, these guys always bring a grimy vibe and bravado on tracks that never seems to get old.I am glad to see him staying focused on what works for him, in terms of beats and style, and more folks should learn from the vets like him when trying to strike out on their own.

Dec 10, 2012

Throwback: Median - "How Big Is Your World"

There was a point when I copped everything 9th Wonder touched but that has changed in recent years. In the throws of my last CD (digital or vinyl since) purchase circa 2008, I picked up Median's album "Medians Relief" and found this gem titled "How Big Is Your World" buried inside. There are many great lines in this track and makes me think of conversations with every person I knew who struggled at some point in their life to find meaning in the grind. I find myself coming back to it over and over again. Maybe you will too. I haven't followed everything Median has done since, but this was brain food when I needed it.