Feb 14, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Old Dirty Dermot

Typically my Fine Art Fridays are for painters or other fine arts, but sometimes I come across some graphic design or illustrations that are worthy of noting, as was the case with the work of Dermot Reddan. Reddan's creative service, known as Old Dirty Dermot, is a Brooklyn (NY) based outlet for Reddans passion for both skateboarding and art. While his career has landed him with creative roles that include graphic design, product, apparel and print design, he has used these opportunites to help expand his own work and create some lasting, original characters and innovative artwork.


Feb 13, 2014

Listen: Supastition - "Eardrum"

North Carolina emcee and true school torch carrier Supastition recently posted the single for the track "Eardrum" from his upcoming Honest Living EP. The entire EP is produced by relative newcomer German beatmaker Croup and continues the banger heavy beats and educated lyrics of one of hip hops secret weapons in Supasition. Though he is criminally slept on, Supa always links with quality production to lay the soundbed for his verses and Croup steps into the role perfectly. Check it out and support the independent grind of quality artists.


Feb 12, 2014

Video: Playdough ft. Koncept - "You Ain't Fresh"

BBAS crew-member Koncept recently linked with Playdough of ManBitesDog Records for bot hthe track and the video for "You Aint Fresh" from Playdough's recent project ''Turn It Out'' which dropped this past Fall. Always down to rep NY and show a more fun side of hip hop, both emcees spend the video bouncing around various spots like the iced over Coney Island beach, a toy store and the streets like a throwback to the Beastie Boys or Pharcyde style of videos. Check it out and support the spirit of hip hop of the non-Trap variety.


Feb 11, 2014

Video: SOFLES crew - "Limitless" Project

Not a new video, but this bugged out video of graf artists covering every inch of a warehouse is fun to watch and inspiring. Watching the team blast full color murals over and over again, in all corners, while taking time to goof off in the middle of it all, is something I wish more artists would do. I also wish the SOFLES crew would smother NYC in paint and murals just to step on some proverbial toes.


Feb 10, 2014

Video: ScholarMan - "Break Down, Build Up"

Maryland seems to be the home to a solid league of emcees that stay true to the Golden Era sounds and more progressive hip hop and continues that legacy with the recent work by the crew known as ScholarMan. Avoiding the "flossed out" or Trap sound that is so prevalent in todays music, ScholarMan takes a more mellow and jazzy approach with the latest offering "Last of the Brave", to speaking their minds and being honest. You may not rock this is the club, but these cats bring some much needed chill to the table in 2014. Check it out and support some East Coast hip hop without all the special effects.


Feb 9, 2014

Video: I Am Many X The Bee Shine- "AS I AM" Video Series

Brooklyn emcee I Am Many has been promoting his brand of hip hop through an ongoing video series on fellow blog family site The Bee Shine for a while and the results are always an honest and compelling look at an artist building a fan base organically. I appreciate the humor of some of the features and the boldness to perform in the streets for strangers that I Am Many embraces. Check out the "AS I AM" series here and each week on The Bee Shine and help shine a light on an up and coming artist from BKNY.