Aug 14, 2013

Video: The Kid Daytona x DJ Cut Killer - "Classic Shit"

Bronx emcee, The Kid Daytona, recently linked up Paris turntable legend DJ Cut Killer for a session of tracks over classic, slept-on French hip hop 90's instrumentals. In collaboration with French street wear clothing brand Space Monkeys (SPMK), the two true school reps performed this track "Classic Shit" as a tribute and a preview for The Kid Daytona's "Savoir Faire" project dropping this Fall. Check it out and support some international flavor that you surely missed the first time around.

Aug 13, 2013

Listen: DJ Ben Ha Meen - "Summer Madness: Volume 3: Night And Daze" mix

Combat Jack Radio Show affiliate and beat-digger extraordinaire DJ Ben Ha Meen just dropped another mix of classic original samples from hip hops golden era and other gems from his crates in the latest installment of his "Summer Madness" series entitled "Summer Madness - Volume 3: Night And Daze". Quoting the man himself "Summer Madness is more than just a series of mixtapes, it's an exploration into everything that makes the summer season one of the greatest times to be alive." This volume 3 edition concludes the trilogy that started with Sunset Seduction & Dawn Delights and is filled with songs that either inspired your favorite Hip-Hop hits or tracks that just feel like the best parts of the season.

Download the mix above and get your learn on.

Aug 12, 2013

Listen: Kenjii the Wise - "The New Kid"

This is the very first project from the southern emcee Kenjii (pronounced Ken-Jee). His aim is to bring wholesome hip-hop back to South Carolina. In his efforts to make his music by standing out instead of attempting to "fit in" with the majority, he rocks over a range of beats that bounce between boom-bap, trip-hop, down-tempo, and an overall "feel good" vibe. My personal favorite track is "How Ya Livin" (posted below) which is a mellow heat rock about everyday struggles. Check it out and support an emcee from an unlikely hip hop scene in the South.