Jul 10, 2014

Listen: Goldini Bagwell - "Desire Is..." w/ Little Warrior

Portland emcee and Sandpeople crew member Goldini Bagwell recently dropped a full-length project called "Secondhand Smoke" featuring production and features from many of his Northwest hip hop affiliates. One of the standout tracks to me was "Desire Is" (above) but much of the project features quality beats and verses that reflect the honesty of the struggle to make a name is the lesser known but still true school-flavored Northwest region of the US. Check it out and support cats from unlikely places on the map.


Jul 9, 2014

Video: John Robinson X PVD - "Off The Wall"

'Modern Vintage' is the new collaboration album from veteran emcee John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of world renown Hip-Hop group Scienz Of Life) and prolific drummer, composer, producer and band-leader Pat Van Dyke (aka PVD). Though it may seem like an unlikely pairing, John Robinson and PVD have been building since 2008 and their chemistry together has grown organically and developed into the authentic exchange of ideas and combo of styles evidenced on the collaborative album. Described as "A modern-day true Hip-Hop record, grounded firmly in the traditions of jazz, funk, and soul music.", the project finds JR using his raspy, jazzy voice to match the laid back tracks from PVD. Check it out and see how the torchbearers of the ATCQ sound keep hope alive.


Jul 8, 2014

Listen: MosEL - "Get It"

I recently came across the work of a Maryland-based emcee by the name of MosEL and wanted to share it. Something is definitely in the water in the DMV, as almost every time I hear new music from the area, there is a sense of pride, true school dedication to the craft of hip hop, and a more honest approach to music. MosEL continues this trend with a somewhat lo-fi album entitled "For The Love Of It". The first track to grab me was the track "Get It" (above) and the Little Brother type of vibe to it. I appreciate MosEL's honesty about being unsure of himself, but still trying to prove it to himself that his heart is in the music. His voice and cadence reminds me of Madlib raps with some sense of Slum Village "Raise It Up" flow, but I like the overall chill vibe of the project. Check it out and support a hip hop underdog.


Jul 7, 2014

Video: Green Street - "Fresh Heir" ft. ScienZe

NY-based hip hop crew Green Street have been busy spreading the message of their recent album "The Will to Win" with a new found appreciation for life. The album "The Will to Win" was born out of the desperation of a limited lifeline after the realization that two of the three group members were diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses in the winter of 2012 (Read their full stories at: http://thewilltowin.net). With a newfound sense of motivation, Green Street linked with like-minded emcee's for the album, with features from Raekwon, Mickey Factz, ScienZe, Camp Lo, among others, with the intent to merge true school hip-hop with a progressive, new age feel. The 'Fresh Heir' video above gives a good dose of the vibe they are one, so check it out and support a crew who is not willing to waste time on nonsense.