May 6, 2013

Listen: Donwill - "Miserable"

Tonya Morgan's Donwill recently dropped a track dedicated to the "miserable" way of life that many residents of NYC deal with on the daily. It seems fitting to post this track on a Monday, after a long weekend out of town where I got to see lots of green space and trees, only to come back to traffic jams and non-stop police sirens in my neighborhood. Donwill says that this is not a diss track but an "epiphany" about living in the over-priced, soul-crushing mecca of creative arts. Lots of honest verses about the struggle of making a life in NYC a reality over a SeventyMHz beat. Listen, digest and absorb the words here and see why you think everyone here wants to push you under the train when you get in people's way.

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